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Lançamentos: os álbuns de rock e metal de 2021

Lista reúne discos que estão chegando ao longo de todo o ano; levantamento é separado por dia e mês e indica subgêneros de cada artista/banda

Lançamentos de álbuns de rock e metal em maio de 2021

7 de maio

A Rising Force (hard rock) — “Undertow”

Acid’s Trip (heavy/psychedelic rock) – “Strings of Soul”

Acolyte (metal progressivo) — “Entropy”

Aduanten (atmospheric death metal) – EP “Sullen Cadence”

Alex Lopez (blues rock) – “Rising Up”

Ape Vermin (doom metal) – “Arctic Noise”

Arielle (classic rock) — “Analog Girl in a Digital World

Artillery (thrash metal) — “X”

Bad/Love (metal alternativo) – “Life Imitates Art”

Book of Wyrms (psychedelic/doom metal) – “Occult New Age”

Bretus (stoner/doom metal) – “Magharia”

Bridear (heavy metal) — “Bloody Bride”

Cold Moon (metalcore) — “What’s the Rush?”

Convictions (metalcore) – “I Won’t Survive”

Cvlt ov the Svn (dark alternative rock) — “We Are the Dragon”

Diamante (modern hard rock) — “American Dream”

False Memories (symphonic/progressive metal) – “The Last Night of Fall”

Feed Them Death (deathgrind) – “Negative”

Friday Pilots Club (indie rock) – EP “Friday Pilots Club”

Ghost Iris (metalcore) — “Comatose”

Goad (rock progressivo) – “La Belle Dame”

Iceage (punk rock/alternativo) — “Seek Shelter”

J.T. Loux (hard rock) – “Taken By Moonlight”

Jordsjo (rock progressivo) – “Pastoralia”

Kataan (modern death metal) — EP “Kataan”

Kayak (rock progressivo) — “Out of This World”

Larvae (death/doom metal) – “Sickening Cadaveric Perversion”

Last Agony (thrash metal) – “The Imminent Slaughter”

Liv Kristine (ex-vocalista do Theatre of Tragedy) — EP “Have Courage Dear Heart”

Mark Spiro (hard rock) – “Traveling Cowboys”

Mephitic Grave (death metal) — “Into The Atrium Of Inhuman Morbidity”

Minefield (hard rock, com Todd Kerns) – “Minefield”

Misstress (horror punk/glam) – “Resurrected”

Moon Coven (doom/psychedelic rock) — “Slumber Wood”

Nancy Wilson (guitarrista do Heart) – “You and Me

Nando Reis e Sebastião Reis (artistas brasileiros de rock) – EP “Nando e Sebastião”

Osiah (deathcore) — “Loss”

Pentral (banda brasileira de metal progressivo) — “What Lies Ahead”

Pistols of Dawn (hard rock) — EP “Nocturnal Youth”

Procol Harum (rock progressivo) — EP “Missing Persons (Alive Forever)”

Reality Grey (melodic death metal) – “Beneath This Crown”

Robin McAuley (hard rock/heavy metal) – “Standing on the Edge”

Salem (pop punk) — EP “Salem II”

Saliva (nu metal) — EP de regravações “Every Twenty Years”

Save the World (hard rock) — “Two”

Seth (black metal) – “La Morsure du Christ”

Silent Theory (metal alternativo) – “Hunt or Be Hunted”

Skarlett Riot (modern metal) — “Invicta”

Sonic Haven (power metal) – “Vagabond”

Sophia Kennedy (indie pop) — “Monsters”

Squid (post-punk) — “Bright Green Field”

Sumo Cyco (metal alternativo) – “Initiation”

Terminalist (blackened thrash metal) — “The Great Acceleration”

The Blackheart Orchestra (rock progressivo/instrumental) – “Mute”

The Damn Truth (hard rock) — “Now or Nowhere”

The Vendettas (hard rock) – “The Vendettas III”

Todd Michael Hall (classic rock) – “Sonic Healing”

Tommy’s Rocktrip (hard rock, com Tommy Clufetos) – “Beat Up By Rock N’ Roll”

Tony Joe White (rock) – “Smoke from the Chimney”

Van Morrison (rock) — “Latest Record Project: Volume 1”

Vienna Circle (rock progressivo) — “Secrets of the Rising Sun”

Weezer (rock alternativo) – “Van Weezer

worriedaboutsatan (post-rock) – “Providence”

14 de maio

Acolyte (atmospheric progressive metal) – “Entropy”

Aeranea (djent) – “A Voice for the Lost”

Against Evil (thrash metal) – “End of the Line”

Antioch (heavy metal) – “Antioch V”

Bala (rock alternativo) — “Maleza”

Belvedere (punk rock) — “Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense”

Bernth (shred guitar) — “Elevation”

Black Keys (garage rock) — álbum de covers de blues “Delta Kream

Bob Corritore & Friends (blues rock) – “Spider in My Stew”

Caliban (metalcore) – “Zeitgeister”

Canvas Solaris (metal progressivo) – “Chromosphere”

Charlie Benante (baterista do Anthrax) – álbum de covers “Silver Linings”

Chris Rolling Squad (hard rock) – “Cannonball Holocaust”

Crucifixion Ritual (black metal) – “Gouging the Eyes of Angelic Purity”

Del Amitri (rock) – “Fatal Mistakes”

Don’t Believe in Ghosts (indie rock) — “Solutions”

Eggvn (metal industrial) – “La Era de La Bestia”

Ensanguinate (death metal) — EP “Entranced by Decay”

Frost* (rock progressivo) — “Day and Age”

Grave Miasma (death metal) – “Abyss of Wrathful Deities”

Hirsi (folk/black metal) – “III”

Jeff Kollman (instrumental, guitarrista de Glenn Hughes) – “East of Heaven”

JJ Wilde (garage rock/alternativo) – EP “Wilde”

Juliana Hatfield (pop/indie rock) – “Blood”

Kikimora (hard rock) – “Dirty Nails”

Kruk (hard rock) — “Be There”

Levara (hard/modern rock, com participação de Steve Perry) — “Levara”

Liar Thief Bandit (hard rock) – “Deadlights”

Lo Fi e Day of Hate (bandas brasileiras de rock psicodélico e noisecore) — álbum conjunto “The Magnificent Regressive Band”

Mad Symphony (melodic progressive metal) — “Mad Symphony”

Maia Sharp (blues rock) – “Mercy Rising”

Misplaced (pop punk) – EP “Fell in Love With a Lie”

Molly Tuttle (bluegrass/americana) – EP “…but I’d rather be with you too”

Mouth For War (death metal) – “Life Cast in Glass”

Myles Kennedy (vocalista de Slash e Alter Bridge) — “The Ides of March

Never Loved (rock alternativo) – “Over It”

Panopticon (atmospheric black metal) – “…And Again into the Light”

Paul Weller (rock alternativo) – “Fat Pop”

Per Wiberg (ex-integrante do Opeth) — “All Is Well In The Land Of The Living, But For The Rest Of Us… Lights Out”

Psychosexual (com Jeremy Spencer, ex-Five Finger Death Punch) – “Unholy Hymns for the Children”

Rodrigo y Gabriela (acústico) – EP “Jazz”

S A R R A M (post-metal) – “Albero”

Sâver/Psychonaut (stoner/doom metal) – “Emerald”

Scar of the Sun (modern metal) — “Inertia”

Seventh Crystal (hard rock) — “Delirium”

Shevils (post-hardcore) – “Miracle of the Sun”

Siniestro (death/thrash metal) – “Vortexx”

Softspoken (hard/alternative rock) — EP “Where the Heart Belongs”

Sons of Kemet (jazz) — “Black to the Future”

St. Vincent (indie/art rock) — “Daddy’s Home

Subterranean Masquerade (metal progressivo) — “Mountain Fever”

Sunbomb (hard rock, com Michael Sweet e Tracii Guns) – “Evil and Divine

Teramaze (metal progressivo) – “Sorelia Minore”

The Beaches (rock alternativo) – “Future Lovers”

The Bleeding (death metal) – “Rise Into Nothing”

The Chills (indie pop) – “Scatterbrain”

The Ember, The Ash (black metal) – “Fixation”

The Hellenbacks (hard rock) – “III”

The Steel Woods (southern rock) – “All of Your Stones”

Throat (sludge metal) – “Smile Less”

Zombi (metalcore) – EP “Liquid Crystal”

18 de maio

Edu Falaschi (power metal) — “Vera Cruz

21 de maio

Amorphous Androgynous & Peter Hammill (rock progressivo) — “We Persuade Ourselves We Are Only Immortal”

An Autumn For Crippled Children (post-black metal) – “As The Morning Dawns We Close Our Eyes”

Anatomia (death/doom metal) – “Corporeal Torment”

Ayron Jones (hard rock/alternativo) — “Child of the State

Bob Malone (rock, com participação de John Fogerty) — “Good People”

Borgne (black metal) – “Temps Morts”

Burial Pit (sludge metal) – “Subhuman Scum”

Chrissie Hynde (vocalista dos Pretenders) — álbum de covers “Standing in the Doorway: Chrissie Hynde Sings Bob Dylan”

Clarence Spady (blues rock) — “Surrender”

Counting Crows (pop rock/alternativo) — EP “Butter Miracle Suite One”

Debauchery (death n’ roll) – “Monster Metal”

Derev (metal progressivo) — EP “Leap of Faith”

Destroyed in Seconds (thrash metal) – “Divide and Devour”

Disillusionist (post-hardcore) – “Love & Anxiety”

Dr. Colossus (doom metal) – “I’m a Stupid Moron With an Ugly Face and A Big Butt and my Butt Smells and I Like to Kiss My Own Butt”

End You (hardcore) – “Aimless Dread”

Fiddlehead (post-hardcore) – “Between the Richness”

Gary Numan (rock) — “Intruder”

Hagel (black metal) – “Veneration of the Black Light”

Havamal (symphonic/folk metal) – “The Shadow Chapter”

Herman Frank (heavy metal) — “Two For a Lie”

Hippie Death Cult (stoner/doom metal) – “Circle Of Days”

Hot Ram (stoner rock) – “Electric Medicine”

Hundred Headless Horsemen (psychedelic death metal) — “Apokalepsia”

Impure Wilhelmina (post-hardcore) — “Antidote”

Jeff Kollman (ex-guitarrista de Glenn Hughes) — “East of Heaven”

Jess And The Ancient Ones (occult rock) — “Vertigo”

John Palumbo (vocalista do Crack the Sky, rock progressivo) — “Hollywood BLVD”

Kaonashi (mathcore) — “Dear Lemon House, You Ruined Me: Senior Year”

Krilloan (power metal) – “Stories of Times Forgotten”

Laura Meade (rock progressivo, vocalista do IZZ) — “The Most Dangerous Woman In America”

Leach (crossover thrash) – “Lovely Light of Life”

Low Cut Connie (hard rock) — álbum de covers “Tough Cookies: The Best of The Quarantine Broadcasts”

Mannequin Pussy (indie rock) — “Perfect”

Molybaron (hard rock/alternativo) — “The Munity”

Monster Magnet (rock psicodélico/stoner) — “A Better Dystopia”

Mothman and The Thunderbirds (sludge metal) – “Into The Hollow”

Nadja (experimental) — “Luminous Rot”

Nahaya (melodic groove/thrash metal) — “Vital Alchemy”

Northland (metalcore progressivo) — “2D”

Oliver Wood (roots rock) — “Always Smilin’”

Olivia Rodrigo (pop/rock altenrativo) — “Sour”

One Morning Left (metalcore) – “Hyperactive”

Perversor (blackened death metal) – “Psicomoro”

Pop Evil (hard rock/metal) — “Versatile”

Robert Finley (soul/blues rock) — “Sharecropper’s Son”

Robots of the Ancient World (stoner rock) — “Mystic Goddess”

Standard Human Experience (rock progressivo) – “Never Belong”

The Devil Wears Prada (metalcore) — EP “ZII”

The Jailbirds (hard rock) – EP “Jungle”

The Tragic Company (metal alternativo) — “Paradox Vol. 1”

Throat (noise rock) — “Smile Less”

Tributo ao Nazareth “Hair of the Dog”, com músicos do Nashville Pussy, Supersuckers, Dangerous Toys, entre outros

Twenty One Pilots (pop/rock) — “Scaled and Icy”

Upper Lip (hard rock) — “Deep Within”

Vexed (metal alternativo) — “Culling Culture”

Vola (rock progressivo) — “Witness”

Vulture (speed/thrash metal) — “Dealin’ Death”

Waterparks (pop rock) — “Greatest Hits”

Wytch (hard n’ heavy) – “Exordium”

Yard of Blondes (rock alternativo) — “Feed the Moon”

Yautja (grindcore/sludge metal) — “The Lurch”

28 de maio

Adarrak (death metal) – “Ex Oriente Lux”

Alastor (doom metal) – “Onwards and Downwards”

Alluvial (death metal) – “Sarcoma”

Angstskríg (black ‘n’ roll) – “Skyggespil”

Black Midi (experimental) — “Cavalcade”

Blackberry Smoke (southern rock) – “You Hear Georgia

Bleeth (post-metal) – “Harbinger”

Bloodbound (power metal) — “Creatures of the Dark Realm”

Burning Witches (heavy metal) – “The Witch of the North

Cirith Ungol (heavy/doom metal) – EP “Half Past Human”

Countime (hardcore) – “No Apologies, No Regrets”

Damnation (death metal) — EP “Majesty in Degradation”

Departed (crossover thrash) – “Darkness Reigns”

Drown This City (metalcore) – EP “Colours We Won’t Know”

Electric Haze (hard rock) – “Get in Line”

Eminence (banda brasileira de death/groove metal) – “Dark Echoes

Engraver (thrash metal) – “Behind“

Ghastly (death metal) — “Mercurial Passages”

Guy King (blues/jazz) — “Joy is Coming”

Gwar (thrash metal/crossover) — EP acústico “The Disc With No Name”

Hellryder (heavy metal) — “The Devil is a Gambler”

High n’ Heavy (doom/stoner rock) – “V”

Igor Gnomo (músico brasileiro de jazz/rock) – “Formiga Preta”

Infest (death/thrash metal) – “Psychosis”

Jorja Chalmers (saxofonista do Roxy Music) – “Midnight Train”

Karmamoi (metal progressivo) — “Room 101”

Karpenter (melodic death metal) – “Sleepless”

Khandra (black metal) — “All Occupied By Sole Death”

Lost Division (hard rock) — “Cuts and Scars”

Lovebites (power metal) — EP “Glory, Glory, To The World”

Lung Knots (black metal) – “Golden Dirges, Molten Larynges”

Mental Cruelty (deathcore) – “King ov Fire”

Midnite City (hard rock) — “Itch You Can’t Scratch”

Mosara (sludge metal) – “Mosara”

Noctiferia (melodic black metal) – “Now You Will Play”

Noctule (black metal) – “Wretched Abyss”

Of Mice & Men (metalcore) — EP “Bloom”

Our Hollow, Our Home (metalcore) – “Burn in the Flood”

Pavement Princess (hard rock) – “Second Skin”

Perturbator (synthwave) — “Lustful Sacraments”

Prey Drive (rock alternativo) — EP “Neon God”

Satanic Planet (experimental) – “Satanic Planet”

Serena Cherry (vocalista do Svalbard) – “Wretched Abyss”

Silver Lake (com Esa Holopainen, do Amorphis) – “Silver Lake By Esa Holopainen”

Silver Talon (heavy/power metal) – “Decadence and Decay”

Slizard (hard rock) — “Slizard”

Source (rock progressivo) – “Ethereal Self”

Stormruler (black metal) — “Under the Burning Eclipse”

Sylvan (metal progressivo) — “One to Zero”

Thaeia (metal progressivo/alternativo) — “Datura Metel Vol I”

Upper Lip (hard rock) – “Deep Within”

Vincent Crowley Band (death metal) – “Beyond Acheron”

Violet Orlandi (pop/acoustic rock) – “High Priest Daughter

White Moth Black Butterfly (com Daniel Tompkins, do Tesseract) — “The Cost of Dreaming”

Registros ao vivo, coletâneas e mais

7 de maio

Candlemass – ao vivo “Green Valley (Live)”

Staind (rock alternativo) — ao vivo “Live: It’s Been Awhile”

The Aristocrats (instrumental) — ao vivo “Freeze! Live in Europe 2020”

Yes (rock progressivo) – box set “Union 30 Live”

14 de maio

Paul & Linda McCartney (rock) — relançamento de “Ram”

Scalene (banda brasileira de rock alternativo) – EP “Ao Vivo no Sesc 24 de Maio”

21 de maio

Amorphis (prog/death metal) – ao vivo “Live at Helsinki Ice Hall”

Amorphis (prog/death metal) – box set “The Vinyl Collection 2006-2020”

Alestorm (folk metal) – álbum ao vivo “Live in Tilburg”

Chthonic (extreme metal) – ao vivo “Chthonic Megaport 2021”

Lindemann (Till Lindemann + Peter Tägtgren) – ao vivo “Live in Moscow”

Mike Tramp (vocalista do White Lion) – “Everything Is Alright”

Thundermother (hard rock) – edição deluxe de “Heat Wave”

Tygers of Pan Tang (heavy metal) – coletânea “Majors & Minors”

28 de maio

Kansas (rock progressivo) — ao vivo “Point Of Know Return Live & Beyond”

Steve Hackett & Djabe (rock progressivo) — “Djabe & Steve Hackett: The Journey Continues”

Tributo a David Bowie “Modern Love”, com Helado Negro, Khruangbin, Jeff Parker, We Are King, Meshell Ndegeocello

Mês seguinte: junho de 2021 (álbuns já lançados)

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