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Lançamentos: os álbuns de rock e metal de 2021

Lista reúne discos que estão chegando ao longo de todo o ano; levantamento é separado por dia e mês e indica subgêneros de cada artista/banda

Lançamentos de álbuns de rock e metal em julho de 2021

2 de julho

Anthropophagus Depravity (death metal) — “Apocalypto”

April Art (melodic metal) – EP “Fighter”

At the Gates (melodic death metal) — “The Nightmare of Being”

Bizarrekult (black metal) – “Vi Overlevde”

Born of Osiris (metalcore) — “Angel or Alien”

Concilium (black metal) – “Desecration”

Defocus (metalcore) — “In the Eye of Death We Are All The Same”

Diabolizer (death metal) – “Khalkedonian Death”

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (dance/death metal) – “The Divine Horsemen”

Dream Tröll (power metal) – “Realm of the Tormentör”

Felled (folk/black metal) — “The Intimate Earth”

Froglord (doom/stoner metal) – “The Mystic Toad”

Godhead Machinery (blackened death metal) – “Masquerade Among Gods”

Halflives (rock alternativo) — EP “V”

Jonathon Long (blues rock) – “Parables of a Southern Man”

Kvasir (stoner metal) – “4”

Longsleeves (indie rock) – EP “Joyrider”

Lord of the Lost (dark metal) – “Judas”

Mannveira (black metal) – “Vitahringur”

MNNQNS (rock alternativo) – EP “Deviant By Ego”

Mourn the Light (doom metal) – “Suffer, Then We’re Gone”

Nanowar of Steel (power/comedy metal) – “Italian Folk Metal”

Olórin (doom metal) – “Through Shadow and Flame”

Onslow (rock alternativo) – “Onslow”

Postcards From New Zealand (post-rock) – “City Islands”

Psychosexual (nu metal) – “Unholy Hymns For The Children”

Rocking Corpses (death metal) – “Death Blues”

Steve Marriner (blues rock) – “Hope Dies Last”

Steve Whiteman (vocalista do Kix, hard rock) – “You’re Welcome”

Stone Giants (rock progressivo) – “West Cast Love Stories”

Sun Crow (stoner metal) – “Quest for Oblivion”

Tayne (experimental) — “Coherent”

Ten Tonnes (indie rock) – EP “So Long”

Year of No Light (post-metal) — “Consolamentum”

9 de julho

Blood Sport (heavy metal) – “Hot Blood and Cold Steel”

Domination Campaign (death metal) — “Onward to Glory”

Earl Slick (blues rock, guitarrista de David Bowie, John Lennon, entre outros) – “Fist Full of Devils”

Ego Kill Talent (banda brasileira de rock/metal alternativo) – EP acústico “Ego Kill Talent Acoustic 1

Graduating Life (hard rock) – “Grad Life II”

Hardline (hard rock) — “Heart, Mind and Soul

Inhaler (indie rock) — “It Won’t Always Be Like This”

Jonathon Long (blues rock) – “Parables of a Southern Man”

Kambrium (epic death metal) — “Synthetic”

Laurenne/Louhimo (power metal) – “The Reckoning”

Lethal Fright (banda brasileira de heavy metal) – “Past Through the Future (The Desert)”

Lost Symphony (symphonic metal) — “Chapter III“

Mayhem (black metal) – EP de covers “Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando”

Misery Index (grindcore) – “Coffin Up The Nails”

Moon Unit (rock progressivo) – “Differences in Language and Lifestyle”

Morningstar Delirium (shoegaze) – “Morningstar Delirium”

Mountain Caller (post-metal) – EP “Chronicle: Prologue”

Musk Ox (metal progressivo) – “Inheritance”

Night Crowned (blackened death metal) — “Hädanfärd”

Ope (sludge/doom metal) – “Mordoom”

Overdrivers (hard rock) – EP “Rock Out!”

Paris Youth Foundation (indie rock) – “How to Ruin Your Life”

Psychic Hit (heavy metal) – “Solutio”

Rat King (doom metal) – “Omen”

Reverend Jack (hard rock) – “A Mile From Home”

Scattered Storm (groove metal) – “Oblivion”

Sean Chambers (blues rock) — “That’s What I’m Talkin’ About: A Tribute to Hubert Smith”

Sepiroth (death metal) – “Condemned to Suffer”

Solus Ex (death metal) — “Daemones Ceramici”

Structures (djent) – “None of the Above”

The L.I.F.E. Project (hard rock/heavy metal, com Josh Rand, do Stone Sour) – EP “Ignite”

The Maine (pop/rock) – “XOXO: From Love & Anxiety in Real Time”

The Wallflowers (roots/alternative rock) — “Exit Wounds“

Toby Hitchcock (AOR/melodic hard rock) – “Changes”

Unendlich (black metal) – “Paradox of a Broken World”

Vessel (heavy metal) – “Behind The Walls”

Vuajtje (black metal) – “The Womb of the Earth”

Winter Lantern (black metal) – “Festering Vampiricism”

Xasthur (folk/black metal) – “Victims of the Times”

13 de julho

Impavid Colossus (banda brasileira de rock) – “Prologue”

16 de julho

A Place To Bury Strangers (noise-rock) – EP “Hologram”

Barenaked Ladies (indie rock) – “Detour de Force”

Big City (power metal) – “Testify X”

Bottomless (doom metal) – “Bottomless”

Bulb (Misha Mansoor, guitarrista do Periphery) – “Moderately Fast, Adequately Furious”

Bummer (sludge metal) – “Dead Horse”

Calliophis (death/doom metal) – “Liquid Darkness”

Cognitive (death metal) — “Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction“

Crippled Black Phoenix (post-rock) — EP “Painful Reminder / Dead is Dead”

Dear Mother (metalcore) – “Bulletproof”

Dungeon Serpent (melodic death metal) – “World of Sorrows”

Electrico (indie rock) – EP “Left of the Century”

Fell Harvest (doom metal) – “Pale Light in a Dying World”

Gary Kemp (rock progressivo, guitarrista do Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets) — “InSolo“

Heartsick (metal alternativo) – “Cinco”

Heaven & Earth (hard rock) – “V”

Ida Mae (blues/folk rock) – “Click Click Domino

Impavid Colossus (banda brasileira de rock) – “Prologue”

Inhuman Architects (deathcore) – “Paradoxus”

Inner Stream (symphonic metal) – “Stain the Sea“

John Mayer (pop/rock) — “Sob Rock

John McLaughlin (jazz fusion) — “Liberation Time“

Laceration (death/thrash metal) – “Demise”

Lil Aaron (pop punk) – EP “Year of the Dog”

Malacoda (gothic metal) – “The Strain”

Marta Gabriel (heavy metal) – “Metal Queens”

Mike Zito (blues rock) – “Resurrection”

Ophidian I (technical death metal) – “Desolate”

Powerwolf (power metal) — “Call of the Wild

Resurrection Kings (heavy metal, com Vinny Appice e Craig Goldy) – “Skygazer”

Shotgun Mistress (hard rock) – “Shotgun Mistress”

Snogard (black metal) – EP “Moral Presence, Corrupt Misdeeds”

Solar Haze (hard rock) – “The Solar Age”

Space Chaser (thrash metal) – “Give Us Life”

Spiral Grave (doom metal) – “Legacy of the Anointed”

Thor (heavy metal) – “Alliance”

Times of Grace (com integrantes do Killswitch Engage) – “Songs of Loss and Separation”

Umphrey’s McGee (rock progressivo) – “You Walked up Shaking in Your Boots but You Stood Tall and Left a Raging Bull”

Vandor (power metal) – “On a Moonlit Night”

Velvet Insane (hard rock) – “Rock ‘n’ Roll Glitter Suit”

Vouna (doom/black metal) – “Atropos“

Wavves (indie rock) – “Hideaway”

Weston Super Maim (metal progressivo/extremo) – “180-Degree Murder”

Willow Smith (pop punk, filha de Will Smith) — “Lately I Feel Everything“

Wizardthrone (blackened death metal) — “Hypercube Necrodimensions“

Wormwood (black metal) – “Arkivet”

23 de julho

(hed)p.e. (nu metal) – “Sandmine”

Against the Current (indie rock/pop punk) – “Fever”

Alexis Marshall (noise rock) – “House of Lull House of When”

Ancestral Diva (banda brasileira de stoner rock) – “Ancestral Diva”

Andy Partridge (rock progressivo, ex-XTC) – EP “My Failed Songwriting Career”

Attila (metalcore) – “Closure”

Bernie Marsden (blues rock) – álbum de covers de blues “Kings”

Capstan (post-hardcore) — “Separate”

Cavern Deep (doom metal) – “Cavern Deep”

Christone “Kingfish” Ingram (blues rock) – “662”

Crypt Monarch (doom metal) – “The Necronaut”

David Crosby (folk rock) – “For Free”

Descendents (punk rock) – “9th & Walnut”

Epoch of Chirality (metal progressivo) – “Nucleosynthesis”

Eradicator (thrash metal) – “Influence Denied”

ERDVE (sludge/experimental metal) – “Savigaila”

Exil (hardcore) – “Warning”

Flame, Dear Flame (doom metal) – “Aegis”

Fulci (death metal) – “Exhumed Information”

Ghorot (blackened doom metal) – “Loss of Light”

Godslave (thrash metal) – “Positive Aggressive”

Heavy Water (com Biff Byford, do Saxon, e o filho Seb Byford) – “Red Brick City”

Hexenklad (folk metal) – “Heathenheart”

Hookers & Blow (hard rock, projeto de Dizzy Reed) – álbum de covers “Hookers & Blow”

Inner Stream (symphonic metal) – “Stain the Sea”

Jackson Browne (folk rock) – “Downhill From Everywhere”

Kryptan (black metal) – “Kryptan”

Lee Aaron (melodic hard rock) – “Radio On!”

Lotus Eater (metalcore) – “Where the Body Goes”

Mama Doom (psychedelic/doom metal) – “Ash Bone Skin N Stone”

Marzy Maddox (metal progressivo) – EP “Cooper Oaks”

Mordred (thrash metal) – “The Dark Parade”

Necrogod (death metal) – “In Extremis”

Phoenix Rising (power metal) – “Acta Est Fabula”

Platens (AOR/melodic hard rock) — “Of Poetry and Silent Mastery”

Saving Vice (metalcore) – “Phantom Pain”

Tantric (metal alternativo) – “The Sum of All Things”

The Age of Truth (hard/stoner rock) – “Resolute”

Tributo a Roky Erickson “May the Circle Remain Unbroken”, com Gary Clark Jr, Lucinda Williams, Billy Gibbons, Mark Lanegan, entre outros

Yngwie Malmsteen (metal neoclássico) – “Parabellum

24 de julho

Fabiano Negri (músico brasileiro de hard rock) – “Reborn”

30 de julho

Agrypnie (post-black metal) — “Metamorphosis”

Axel Rudi Pell (hard n’ heavy) – álbum de covers “Diamonds Unlocked II”

Bicurious (post-rock) — “(Re)constructed”

Big Big Train (rock progressivo) – “Common Ground”

BlackSword (power metal) — “Alive Again”

Blues Traveler (blues rock) – álbum de regravações “Traveler’s Blues”

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! (post-hardcore) – “Gone Are The Good Days”

Creeper (rock alternativo) – “American Noir”

Dee Snider (heavy metal) — “Leave a Scar

Dimman (melodic death metal) — “Songs and Tales of Grievance”

Dirty Glory (banda brasileira de hard rock) – “Miss Behave”

Expunged (death metal) — “Into Never Shall”

Galvanizer (death metal) — “Prying Sight of Imperception”

Gasoline Guns (hard rock) — “Motor Cult”

Guilherme Arantes (artista brasileiro de pop/rock) – “A Desordem dos Templários”

Heartlay (metalcore) — “We Are All Awake”

Hexorcist (death metal) — “Evil Reaping Death”

Ingested (death metal) — “The Surreption II”

King Woman (doom metal) – “Celestial Blues”

Know//Suffer (death metal) — “The Great Dying”

Lakes (indie rock) — “Start Gain”

Lantlos (post-rock) — “Wildhund”

Loch Vostok (metal progressivo) — “Opus Ferox – The Great Escape”

Lotus Thrones (post-metal) — “Lovers in Wartime”

Naia Izumi (R&B/rock) – “A Residency In The Los Angeles Area”

Netherbird (melodic black metal) — “Arete”

Newspeak (j-rock) — “Turn”

Nigrum Pluviam (black metal) — “Eternal Fall Into the Abyss”

Nuclear Revenge (thrash/black metal) — “Dawn of the Primitive Age”

Obits (garage rock) — “Die at the Zoo”

Ondfødt (black metal) — “Norden”

Praise the Plague (doom/sludge metal) — “The Obsidian Gate”

Prince (pop/rock) — “Welcome 2 America

Section H8 (hardcore) — “Welcome to the Nightmare”

Seether (post-grunge) — EP “Wasteland — The Purgatory”

Sleep Moscow (psychedelic/stoner rock) — “Of the Sun”

The Five Hundred (metalcore) — “A World on Fire”

Tombstoner (death metal) — “Victims of Vile Torture”

Torres (indie rock) — “Thirstier”

Tragedy (disco metal) – álbum de covers “Disco Balls To The Wall”

Underdark (black metal) – “Our Bodies Burned Bright on Re-Entry”

Registros ao vivo, coletâneas e mais

2 de julho

Charlie Brown Jr (banda brasileira de rock) – EP ao vivo “Chegou Quem Faltava Volume 2”

Mondo Generator (punk rock) – ao vivo “Live At Bronson”

The Quireboys – relançamento “A Bit of What You Fancy 30th Anniversary Edition”

9 de julho

L.A. Guns (hard rock) – ao vivo “Cocked and Loaded Live”

Little Steven (rock, Steven Van Zandt) – ao vivo “Summer of Sorcery Live! at the Beacon Theatre”

Rolling Stones (rock) – ao vivo “A Bigger Bang: Live on Copacabana Beach”

Trilha sonora expandida do filme “Quase Famosos”

13 de julho

Charlie Brown Jr (banda brasileira de rock) – ao vivo “Chegou Quem Faltava”

16 de julho

Paradise Lost (gothic metal) — álbum ao vivo “At the Mill”

Tedeschi Trucks Band (blues rock) — álbum ao vivo “Layla Revisited (Live At LOCKN’)”, com covers de Derek and the Dominos

23 de julho

Dream Theater (metal progressivo) – álbum ao vivo “Lost Not Forgotten Archives: A Dramatic Tour of Events – Select Board Mixes”

Mr. Big (hard rock) – relançamento deluxe de “Lean Into It”

Stone Temple Pilots (grunge/rock alternativo) — relançamento de “Tiny Music…Songs From the Vatican Gift Shop”

25 de julho

Stone Temple Pilots (grunge/rock alternativo) — relançamento de “Tiny Music…Songs From the Vatican Gift Shop”

30 de julho

Geezer Butler (heavy metal) – box de álbuns solo “Manipulations of the Mind”

Swallow the Sun (doom metal) — ao vivo “20 Years of Gloom, Beauty and Despair — Live in Helsinki”

The Ghost Inside (metalcore) – álbum ao vivo “Rise from the Ashes: Live at the Shrine”

Yes (rock progressivo) – relançamento de “The Symphonic Music of Yes”

Mês seguinte: agosto de 2021 (álbuns já lançados)

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