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Lançamentos: os álbuns de rock e metal de 2021

Lista reúne discos que estão chegando ao longo de todo o ano; levantamento é separado por dia e mês e indica subgêneros de cada artista/banda

Lançamentos de álbuns de rock e metal em outubro de 2021

1° de outubro

Anima Hereticae (blackened death metal) — EP “Ov Behest”

Arrows in Action (indie rock) – “Be More”

Asking Alexandria (metal alternativo) — “See What’s on the Inside

Battosai (metal progressivo) – “Battosai”

Cherym (pop rock) – EP “Hey Tori”

Chris Holmes (heavy metal, ex-guitarrista do W.A.S.P.) – “Unbearable Influences”

Duel (heavy metal) – “In Carne Persona”

Dying Wish (hardcore) – “Fragments of a Bitter Memory”

Enslaved (progressive black metal) – EP “Caravan to the Outer Worlds”

Four Stroke Baron (metal alternativo / progressivo) – “Classics”

Frauds (post-hardcore) – “Lnog Spoons”

Full of Hell (grindcore) – “Garden of Burning Apparitions”

Hate (black metal) – “Rugia”

KK’s Priest (heavy metal, com ex-membros do Judas Priest) – “Sermons of the Sinner

Leah Kate (indie pop/rock) – “What Just Happened?”

Liotta Seoul (rock alternativo) – EP “Cool”

Mariana Semkina (rock progressivo, vocalista do Iamthemorning) – EP “Disillusioned”

Ministry (metal industrial) – “Moral Hygiene”

Okamoto’s (garage rock) – “Kno Where”

Pond (rock psicodélico) – “9”

Potter’s Daughter (rock progressivo) – “Close to Nearby”

Rev Jones (heavy metal) – “In the Key of Z”

Roger Taylor (baterista do Queen) – “Outsider”

Secondhand Sound (indie rock) – “Best & Worst of Times”

The Doobie Brothers (rock) – “Liberté”

The Otherness (classic rock) – “Lmirl”

United Defiance (punk rock) – “Change the Frequency”

Wage War (metalcore) – “Manic”

Yes (rock progressivo) – “The Quest”

Zac Harmon (blues rock) – “Long As I Got My Guitar”

8 de outubro

Airways (rock alternativo) – “Terrible Down”

Alda (black metal) – “A Distant Fire”

Atræ Bilis (death metal) – “Apexapien”

Axty (banda brasileira de metalcore) – “Helpless”

Beauty School Dropout (indie rock) – EP “Boys Do Cry”

Ben Gillies (rock eletrônico, baterista do Silverchair) – EP “The Relative Relatives”

Black Sites (metal progressivo) – “Untrue”

Blanket (shoegaze) – Modern Escapism

Blood Red Throne (death metal) – “Imperial Congregation”

Caravan (rock progressivo) – “It’s None Of Your Business”

Carolyn Wonderland (blues rock) – “Tempting Fate”

Creeping Death (deathcore) – EP “The Edge of Existence”

Devil’s Reef (death metal) – “A Whisper From the Cosmos”

Eclipse (hard rock) — “Wired

Eternal Silence (gothic metal) – “Timegate Anathema”

Faux Pas (indie rock) – “I Feel Pretty, So Should You”

Gus G (metal instrumental) — “Quantum Leap

Houston (melodic hard rock) — “IV”

Jeff Scott Soto (hard rock) – álbum de versões “The Duets Collection, Vol. 1

Johnny Marr (ex-guitarrista dos Smiths) – EP “Fever Dreams Pt 1”

Juliana Ricciardi (blues rock) – EP “Full Cup”

Knife (heavy metal) – “Knife”

Manimal (heavy metal) — “Armageddon”

Mercury Circle (gothic metal) – “Killing Moons”

Nothing (shoegaze) – “The Great Dismal B-Sides”

Outer Heaven (death/doom metal) – “In Tribute…”

Poorstacy (emo rap) – “Party at the Cemetery”

Sam Fender (indie rock) – “Seventeen Going Under”

Shy, Low (post-rock) – “Snake Behind the Sun”

Siren’s Rain (folk metal) – “Rise Forth”

Station (hard rock) – “Perspective”

Ten Thousand Crows (horrorcore) – “Macabre Arcana”

Teramaze (metal progressivo) – “And the Beauty They Perceive”

The Breathing Process (blackened deathcore) — “Labyrinthian”

The Honest Heart Collective (hard/pop rock) – “More Harm”

The Omnific (instrumental/progressivo) – “Escapades”

The Record Company (blues rock) – “Play Loud”

The Velveteers (rock alternativo) – “Nightmare Daydream”

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die (rock alternativo) – “Illusory Walls”

Trivium (thrash/groove metal) – “In the Court of the Dragon

Untamed Land (black metal) – “Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms”

Voidfallen (melodic death metal) – “The Atlas of Spiritual Apocalypse”

Wander Wildner (ex-vocalista dos Replicantes) – “Coração Selvagem”

Wayward Sons (hard rock) – “Even Up the Score”

14 de outubro

Dawn Harbor (metal alternativo) – “Half a World Away”

15 de outubro

Aeon (death metal) — “God Ends Here”

Athemon (rock progressivo, com baixista do Haken) – “Athemon”

Alcatrazz (hard n’ heavy, versão da banda com Doogie White) – “V”

Andy Summers (guitarrista do Police) – “Harmonics of the Night”

Baron Crâne (rock progressivo) – “Les Beaux Jours”

Bound in Fear (deathcore) – “Penance”

Bryan’s Magic Tears (indie rock) – “Vacuum Sealed”

Coldplay (pop/rock) – “Music of the Spheres”

DED (nu metal) – “School of Thought”

Defences (metal alternativo) — “In the Balance”

Deviant Process (technical death metal) — “Nurture”

Devoid (metal melódico) – “Lonely Eye Movement”

Dodsdrift (black metal) — “Odnis”

Doug Pinnick (hard rock alternativo) – “Joy Bomb”

Fractal Mirror (rock progressivo) – “Beyond Borders”

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes (rock alternativo) – “Sticky”

Gemini Syndrome (metal alternativo) — “Degree”

Get In (indie rock) – “Fishriver Grand Prix”

Glass Hammer (rock progressivo) – “Skallagrim – Into The Breach”

Ian Miles (guitarrista do Creepers) – “Degradation, Death, Decay”

Ice Nine Kills (horror metal/metalcore) – “The Silver Scream 2: Welcome To Horrorwood”

Illyrian (extreme metal) – EP “Aegis”

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit (country rock) — álbum de covers “Georgia Blue”

Johnny Marr (guitarrista dos Smiths) – EP “Fever Dreams Pt. 1”

Knocked Loose (hardcore) – EP “A Tear In The Fabric Of Life”

Leverage (hard rock) – “Above the Beyond”

Lords of Black (power metal) – “Alchemy of Souls, Part II”

Marcelo Bonfá (rock nacional, ex-baterista da Legião Urbana) – “Improvável Certeza”

Melvins (alternativo) — álbum acústico “Five Legged Dog”

Misanthur (black metal) — “Ephemeris”

New Favourite (hardcore) – EP “Chasing Light”

Pray For Humanity (hardcore/alternativo) – EP “Epitaphes”

Reaping Asmodeia (technical death metal) – “Darkened Infinity”

Santana (latin rock) – “Blessing and Miracles

Smile Empty Soul (post-grunge) – “Black Pilled”

South Berkeley (punk rock) – “Too Slow”

TAO (melodic hard rock) – “Prophecy”

The Buoys (indie rock) – EP “Unsolicited Advice for Your DIY Disaster”

The Georgia Thunderbolts (southern rock) – “Can We Get a Witness”

The Grandmaster (com Nando Fernandes) — “Skywards”

The Hawkins (hard rock) – EP “Aftermath”

The Paradox Twin (rock progressivo) – “Silence From Signals”

The Red Pears (indie rock) – “You Thought We Left Because The Door Was Open But We Were…”

The Lucid (hard rock/heavy metal, banda de David Ellefson, ex-Megadeth) – “The Lucid”

The Stone Eye (grunge / rock alternativo) – “South of the Sun”

Tom Morello (guitarrista do Rage Against the Machine) – “The Atlas Underground Fire

Twelve Foot Ninja (metal progressivo) — “Vengeance”

Vildhjarta (djent) – “måsstaden under vatten”

Vintage Trouble (soul/rock) – “Juke Joint Gems”

22 de outubro

Angel Du$t (punk rock) – “YAK: A Collection of Truck Songs”

Atlas (metalcore) – “UKKO”

Blackwater Holylight (heavy/psychedelic rock) – “Silence/Motion”

Can’t Swim (emo/pop) — “Change of Plans”

Cradle of Filth (death metal) — “Existence is Futile”

Davy Knowles (blues rock) – “What Happens Next”

Death Blooms (nu metal) – “Life is Pain”

Dooms Children (metalcorE) – “Dooms Children”

Dream Theater (metal progressivo) – “A View From the Top of the World

Duran Duran (pop/rock) – “Future Past”

Elton John (pop/rock) – “The Lockdown Sessions”

Empty (rock alternativo) — “Made of Fire”

Every Time I Die (hardcore) – “Radical”

Galahad Electric Company (rock progressivo) – “Soul Therapy”

Green Lung (heavy rock) — “Black Harvest”

Hawthorne Heights (rock alternativo) – “The Rain Just Follows Me”

Livløs (melodic death metal) – “And Then There Were None”

Massacre (death metal) – “Resurgence”

Necrofier (black metal) — “Prophecies of Eternal Darkness”

PFM (rock progressivo) – “I Dreamed of Electric Sheep”

Ravenous (heavy metal) – “Hubris”

Ricci / Krown (blues rock) — “City Country City”

Seims (progressivo/experimental) — “Four”

Sentinels (metalcore) – “Collapse By Design”

Slow Crush (shoegaze) – “Hush”

Starset (metalcore) — “Horizons”

Sue Foley (blues rock) – “Pinky’s Blues”

Tamarisk (rock progressivo) – “Suspended Animation”

The Agonist (melodic death metal) — EP “Days Before the World Wept”

TheCityIsOurs (metalcore) – “Coma”

U.D.O. (heavy metal) – “Game Over”

Waking the Cadaver (death metal) — “Authority Through Intimidation”

29 de outubro

Ad Infinitum (symphonic metal) — “Chapter II — Legacy”

Archspire (technical death metal) – “Bleed the Future”

Bad Wovles (groove metal) – “Dear Monsters”

Bastarður (crustpunk) – “Satan’s Loss of Son”

Be’Lakor (melodic death metal) – “Coherence”

Beast in Black (melodic metal) – “Dark Connection”

Black Veil Brides (hard rock/modern metal) — “The Phantom Tomorrow”

Burning the Oppressor (death metal) – “Damnation”

Calling All Captains (post-hardcore) – “Slowly Getting Better”

David Reece (heavy metal) — “Blacklist Utopia”

First Fragment (technical death metal) – “Gloire Eternelle”

Ghost Bath (black metal) — “Self Loather”

Grand Cadaver (death metal) – “Into the Maw of Death”

Helheim (viking metal) – “WoduridaR”

Jerry Cantrell (grunge/rock alternativo) – “Brighten

Joe Bonamassa (blues rock) – “Time Clocks

John 5 (heavy metal, guitarrista do Rob Zombie) – “Sinner”

Lucifer (heavy/occult rock) – “Lucifer IV

Mastodon (groove/sludge metal) – “Hushed And Grim”

Monolord (doom metal) – “Your Time to Shine”

Moron Police (rock progressivo) – “The Stranger and the High Tide”

Phillip-Michael Scales (blues rock) — “Sinner-Songwriter”

Plush (hard rock) – “Plush”

Running Wild (heavy metal) – “Blood on Blood”

Thulcandra (black/death metal) — “A Dying Wish”

Whitechapel (deathcore) — “Kin”

Registros ao vivo, coletâneas e mais

1° de outubro

Babymetal (heavy metal/J-metal) – “10 Babymetal Budokan”

Black Sabbath (heavy metal) – relançamento deluxe de “Technical Ecstasy”

Katatonia (doom metal) – álbum de raridades “Mnemosynean”

Ronnie Atkins (hard rock) – EP acústico “4 More Shots (The Acoustics)”

8 de outubro

Roger Glover (baixista do Deep Purple) – relançamento de “Snapshot”

Temple Balls (heavy metal) – EP ao vivo “The Studio Session 2021”

15 de outubro

Beatles (rock) — relançamento “Let It Be Special Edition (Super Deluxe)

22 de outubro

Armored Saint (heavy metal) – ao vivo “Symbol of Salvation Live”

Rolling Stones (rock) – relançamento deluxe de “Tattoo You

Sepultura (banda brasileira de thrash metal) — box “Sepulnation: The Studio Albums 1998-2009“

Sixx:A.M. (hard rock/alternativo) – coletânea “Hits”

29 de outubro

Pink Flyod (rock progressivo) – edição remixada de “A Momentary Lapse of Reason”

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