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Lançamentos: os álbuns de rock e metal de 2021

Lista reúne discos que estão chegando ao longo de todo o ano; levantamento é separado por dia e mês e indica subgêneros de cada artista/banda

Lançamentos de álbuns de rock e metal em março de 2021

3 de março

BirdPen (art rock) — “All Function One”

5 de março

A Day To Remember (metalcore) – “You’re Welcome”

Acid Mammoth (doom/stoner metal) — “Caravan”

Baest (death metal) – “Necro Sapiens”

Billy Nomates (punk rock) – EP “Emergency Telephone”

Bog Wizard/Dust Lord (doom/sludge metal) – “Four Tales of the Strange”

Bonecarver (death metal) — “Evil”

Brand of Sacrifice (deathcore) — “Lifeblood”

Chase Atlantic (rock alternativo) — “Beauty in Death”

Chevelle (metal alternativo) — “Niratias”

Chiasm And John Fryer (indie pop) — “Missed The Noise”

Dayeater (rock psicodélico) – Sweet Earth

Dollar Signs (punk rock) – “Hearts of Gold”

Dreamshade (metalcore) – “A Pale Blue Dot”

Endless Funeral (black metal) – “Le Grande Silence”

Flesh of the Stars (doom metal) – EP “Mirror/Vessels”

Heyoka’s Mirror (metal progressivo) – “The Uninvited King”

Insane Clown Posse (horrorcore) – “Yum Yum Bedlam”

Iron Man (doom metal) – “Hail to the Riff”

Jane Weaver (rock alternativo) – “Flock”

Judith Hill (R&B/pop rock) – “Baby, I’m Hollywood!”

Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep, hard rock) – álbum póstumo “My Book of Answers”

King Bong (rock psicodélico) – “Ogopogo”

Kings of Leon (rock alternativo) – “When You See Yourself

Lionfight (metalcore) – “An Investigation Into Perceived Heaviness”

Mason Hill (hard rock alternativo) – “Against the Wall”

Monowhales (electrorock) — “Daytona Bleach”

Mork (black metal) — “Katedralen”

Muzzarelas (banda brasileira de hardcore) – “Beer and Destroy”

Nightfall (black/death metal) – “At Night We Prey”

Nixil (black metal) — “All Knots United”

Noora Louhimo Experience (vocalista do Battle Beast, classic/hard rock) — “Eternal Wheel of Time and Space

Nuha Ruby Ra (avant-punk rock) – EP “How to Move”

Open Hand (shoegaze) – “Weirdo”

Rare Americans (rock alternativo) – “Rare Americans 2”

Regional Justice Center (hardcore) — “Crime and Punishment”

Skeleton Club (rock alternativo) – EP “Only Humans”

Skinny Knowledge (rock alternativo) – “Don’t Turn Out The Lights”

SOM (post-metal) – “Awake”

Spam Javelin (punk rock) – “The Three Chords Of The Apocalypse”

Sullen (experimental) – “Nodus Tollens – Act 1: Oblivion”

Terror (hardcore) — “Trapped in a World”

The Anchoress (rock progressivo) – “The Art of Losing”

The Spill Canvas (rock alternativo) — “Conduit”

Thirdface (hardcore) — “Do It With a Smile”

Thorium (heavy metal) – “Empires in the Sun”

Thron (blackened death metal) – “Pilgrim”

Tigers Jaw (punk/indie rock) – “I Won’t Care How You Remember Me”

Witherfall (progressive/power metal) – “Curse of Autumn”

Wolf King (blackened hardcore) – “The Path of Wrath”

Wolfheart (death metal) — “Skull Soldiers”

12 de março

Anna Phoebe (violinista de Jethro Tull, Roxy Music e mais) — EP de covers “Icons”

Arab Strap (indie rock) – “As Days Get Dark”

Autarkh (extreme metal) – “Form In Motion”

Black Diamonds (hard rock) – “No-Tell Hotel”

Blackmore’s Night (folk rock) – “Nature’s Light”

Chez Kane (hard rock) — “Chez Kane”

Dead Poety Society (indie rock) — “-!-”

Demiser (thrahs/black metal) – “Through the Gate Eternal”

Do Nothing (art rock) — EP “Glueland”

Enforced (crossover thrash) — “Kill Grid”

Eyehategod (sludge metal) – “A History Of Nomadic Behavior”

Future Teens (indie rock) – EP “Deliberately Alive”

Gary Hughes (hard rock) – “Waterside”

Gizmachi (metalcore) – “Omega Kaleid”

God’s Hate (hardcore) – “God’s Hate”

Issa (hard rock) – “Queen of Broken Hearts”

Justin Courtney Pierre (rock alternativo) – EP “An Anthropologist On Mars”

Lindsay Schoolcraft (death metal, tecladista do Cradle of Filth) — “Marianas Rest”

Magnus Karlsson’s Heart Healer (power metal) — “The Metal Opera By Magnus Karlsson”

Marianas Rest (melodic death/doom metal) — “Fata Morgana”

Matt Heafy (frontman do Trivium) — EP acústico “Vengeance Falls”

Mausoleum e Anatomia (bandas de death/doom metal) – split “Mausoleum / Anatomia”

Myopic & At The Graves (bandas de sludge metal) – “A Cold Sweat Of Quiet Dread”

Necropanther (doom metal) – “In Depths We Sleep”

Orden Ogan (power metal) – “Final Days”

Pupil Slicer (grindcore) — “Mirrors”

Purrs (rock alternativo) — EP “Rhythm + Ethics”

Pussy Riot (punk rock) — EP “Panic Attack”

Rise to the Sky (doom metal) – ”Let Me Drown With You”

Rob Zombie (industrial metal) – “The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy”

Ronnie Atkins (vocalista do Pretty Maids, hard rock) – “One Shot

Saga (rock progressivo) — “Symmetry”

Secret Sphere (prog/power metal) – “Lifeblood”

Social Contract (indie rock) — EP “Buzzards Wake”

Stortregn (black/death metal) – “Impermanence”

Sunstorm (hard rock/AOR, com Ronnie Romero) — “Afterlife

The Crown (death metal) — “Royal Destroyer”

The Horrors (gothic rock) – EP “Lout”

The Hyena Kill (metal alternativo) – “A Disconnect”

The Peelers (celtic punk) — “Down and Out in the City of Saints”

The Rumjacks (celtic punk) — “Hestia”

Thunder (hard rock) – “All The Right Noises”

Turbulence (metal progressivo) – “Frontal”

Values (melodic metal) – “Divinity”

Varmia (black/folk metal) — “Bal Lada”

Weekend Picnic (metalcore) — “Weekend Picnic”

White Void (hard rock) – “Anti”

19 de março

Agent Steel (speed metal) – “No Other Godz Before Me”

Ainur (power metal) – “War of The Jewels”

Alice Phoebe Lou (synthpop/blues) – “Glow”

Amammoth (sludge/stoner metal) – “The Fire Above”

Aversed (power metal) – “Impermanent”

Austin Meade (rock alternativo) – “Black Sheep”

Batushka (black metal) – “Царю Небесный”

Catapults (pop punk) – “I’ll Be Honest”

Cosmic Reaper (doom metal) – “Cosmic Reaper”

Death Blooms (metalcore) — EP “Fuck Everything”

Depths of Hatred (death metal) — “Ineritance”

Distant (deathcore) – “Dusk of Anguish”

DVNE (sludge/stoner metal) — “Etemen Ænka”

Ego Kill Talent (banda brasileira de rock/metal alternativo) – “The Dance Between Extremes

Erra (metalcore) — “Erra”

Everture (modern melodic metal) — “Emerge”

Exist Immortal (metal progressivo) – EP “Act Two – Gold”

Feculent (death metal) – “The Grotesque Arena”

Fuath (black metal) — “II”

Herzel (heavy metal) – “Le Dernier Rempart”

Hevilan (banda brasileira de metal sinfônico/progressivo) — “The Symphony of Good and Evil”

Ildaruni (black metal) – “Beyond Unseen Gateways”

Introspect (metal progressivo) — EP “Midnight Sun”

Landmvrks (metalcore) – “Lost In The Waves”

Les Shirley (pop rock) — “Forever is Now”

Lunar Shadow (heavy metal) — “Wish to Leave”

Magnolia Park (pop punk) — EP “Dream Eater”

Malorian (banda brasileira de metalcore) — EP “1° Ato Linear”

Maneskin (rock alternativo) — “Teatro d’ira — Vol. 1”

Necrotted (death metal) — “Operation: Mental Castration”

New Pagans (rock alternativo) — “The Seed, The Vessel, The Roots and All”

Paul Stanley’s Soul Station (R&B/soul, com músicos do Kiss) — “Now and Then

Ringo Starr (rock) — EP “Zoom In”

Saxon (heavy metal) — álbum de covers “Inspirations”

Serj Tankian (vocalista do System of a Down) — EP “Elasticity

Shadow People (sludge metal) – “Batom Rouge/Washing In Soap Opera”

Show Me The Body (hardcore) — EP “Survive”

Stearica (post-rock) — “Golem 202020”

Sting (ex-The Police, rock) — “Duets”

Stortregn (black/death metal) — “Impermanence”

The Blue Stones (rock alternativo) — “Hidden Gems”

The Noctambulant (black metal) — “Hellrazor”

The Snuts (indie rock) — “W.L.”

Trollfest (folk metal) – “Happy Heroes”

21 de março

Turbulence (metal progressivo) — “Frontal”

26 de março

1782 (stoner metal) – “From the Graveyard”

’68 (noise rock) — “Give One Take One”

AJ Fullerton (roots rock) — “The Forgiver and the Runaway”

As Everything Unfolds (melodic post-hardcore) — “Within Each Lies The Other”

Aziola Cry (metal progressivo) — “The Ironic Divide”

Band of Spice (heavy metal) — “By the Corner of Tomorrow”

Black Spiders (stoner/heavy rock) — “Black Spiders”

Bound in Fear (deathcore) — EP “Eternal”

Breaths (metal alternativo) — “Lined in Silver”

Budderside (hard rock) — “Spiritual Violence”

Celestial Sanctuary (death metal) — “Soul Diminished”

Christian Liljegren (hard rock) — “The Rock”

Citizen (rock alternativo) — “Life in Your Glass World”

Cliff Moore (hard rock, irmão de Gary Moore) — “2020 Vision”

Cosmograf (rock progressivo) — “Rattrapante”

Cryptosis (thrash metal progressivo) — “Bionic Swarm”

Dead Animal Assembly Plant (metal industrial) — “Bring Out the Dead”

Death From Above 1979 (noise rock) — “Is 4 Losers”

Decline of the I (post-black metal) — “Johannes”

Dirge (post-metal) — “Vanishing Point”

Draken (stoner metal) – “Draken”

Eternal Void (deathcore) – “Serenity in the Black”

Evanescence (alternative/symphonic metal) – “The Bitter Truth

Genghis Tron (extreme metal) — “Dream Weapon”

Ghostbound (gothic rock) – “Extended Play For My Sweet Mary Thyme”

Ghosts of Atlantis (melodic death metal) — “”

Grande Royale (hard rock) – “Carry On”

Greenleaf (stoner rock) — “Echoes From a Mass”

Hound (hard rock) – “I Know My Enemies”

Immerse (post-hardcore) – “The Weight That Holds Me Here”

Jane Getter (rock progressivo) — “Anomalia”

Janina Jade (blues rock) — “Heart of Rock n’ Roll”

Jess Locke (indie rock) — “Don’t Ask Yourself Why”

Jimmy & Rats (banda brasileira de irish punk, com Jimmy London) – “Só Há Um Caminho a Seguir”

Kiss Kiss Bang (hard rock) — EP “Hungry”

La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio (rock progressivo) — “Trivial Visions”

Loney Dear (rock progressivo) — “A Lantern And A Bell”

Matt Heafy (vocalista e guitarrista do Trivium) — EP “Silence in the Snow”

Memoriam (death/grind metal) — “To the End”

Metalite (melodic metal) — “A Virtual World”

Necronomicon (power/thrash metal) — “The Final Chapter”

New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers (blues rock) — “New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers Vol. 2”

No One Spoke (banda brasileira de power/progressive metal) — “Nine Mirrors”

Paladine (power metal) — “Entering the Abyss”

Phem (emo/pop rock) — “How U Stop Hating Urself (Pt. 1.5)”

Real Estate (indie rock) — EP “Half a Human”

Saint Agnes (garage/alternative rock) — “Vampire”

Sanguisugabogg (death metal) — “Tortured Whole”

Shrines (post-punk) — “Ghost Notes”

Skegss (garage rock) — “Rehearsal”

Smith/Kotzen (hard rock, com Adrian Smith e Richie Kotzen) — “Smith/Kotzen

Stepson (hardcore) — “Help Me, Help You”

Stranger Vision (melodic metal) — “Poetica”

Suicide Forest (black metal) — “Reluctantly”

Suzi Quatro (classic rock) — “The Devil In Me”

The Drowned God (blackgaze) — “Pale Home”

The Dust Coda (hard rock) — “Mojo Skyline”

The Hirsch Effect (experimental) — EP “Gregaer”

The Imaginaries (americana) — “The Imaginaries”

The Juliana Theory (rock alternativo) – “A Dream Away”

The L.A. Maybe (hard rock) — “Dirty Damn Tricks”

The Quill (heavy/stoner rock) — “Earthrise”

Tomahawk (supergrupo com Mike Patton e outros) — “Tonic Immobility”

Varvara (pop punk) — “Bad Acting Good”

Wheel (metal progressivo) — “Resident Human”

Witchseeker (heavy metal) – “Scene of the Wild”

Witherfall (metal progressivo) — “Curse of Autumn”

Wythersake (blackened death metal) — “Antiquity”

Yawning Sons (desert rock) — “Sky Island”

29 de março

The Beast of Nod (technical/progressive death metal) — “Multiversal”

31 de março

Obvurt (death metal) — EP “The Beginning”

Popa Chubby (blues rock) – “Tin Foil Hat”

Trope (rock alternativo) – “Eleutheromania”

Registros ao vivo, coletâneas e mais

5 de março

Black Sabbath (heavy metal) — relançamentos de “Heaven and Hell” e “Mob Rules”

Demon Hunter (metalcore cristão) – acústico “Songs Of Death And Resurrection”

Hit the Noise (banda brasileira de hard/stoner rock) – EP ao vivo “Still Alive”

Ted Nugent (hard rock) – ao vivo “Beyond the Seas of Thought (Live Ohio ’74)”

The Reasoning (rock progressivo) — ao vivo “Battles Fought and Conquests Won”

11 de março

Vários artistas – Blu-Ray/ao vivo “The Official Keith Emerson Tribute Concert”

12 de março

Conan (sludge metal) — ao vivo “Live at Freak Valley”

Tommy Bolin (guitarrista do Deep Purple) — compilação “Shake the Devil: The Lost Sessions”

19 de março

Devin Townsend (metal progressivo) – acústico Devolution Series #1 – “Acoustically Inclined, Live In Leeds”

Enforcer (heavy metal) — álbum ao vivo “Live By Fire II”

Mono (post-rock) – álbum ao vivo “Beyond the Past – Live in London With The Platinum Anniversary Orchestra”

Nine Treasures (heavy metal) — coletânea “Awakening From Dukkha”

Papa Roach (nu metal) – coletânea “Greatest Hits Vol.2 – The Better Noise Years”

U.D.O. (heavy metal) — álbum ao vivo “Live In Bulgaria 2020 – Pandemic Survival Show”

26 de março

District 97 (rock progressivo) — ao vivo “Screenplay”

Joe Strummer (vocalista do The Clash) — compilação “Assembly”

Lamb of God (groove metal) — ao vivo “Live In Richmond, VA”

Lamb of God (groove metal) — edição deluxe de “Lamb of God”

Mês seguinte: abril de 2021 (álbuns já lançados)

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