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Lançamentos: os álbuns de rock e metal de 2021

Lista reúne discos que estão chegando ao longo de todo o ano; levantamento é separado por dia e mês e indica subgêneros de cada artista/banda

Lançamentos de álbuns de rock e metal em fevereiro de 2021

5 de fevereiro

Aaron Lee Tasjan (glam/pop) – “Tasjan! Tasjan! Tasjan!”

Âge Total (progressive doom metal) — “Âge Total”

Aliceissleeping (grunge/alternativo) — “Completely Fine”

Alkerdeel (black/sludge metal) – “Slonk”

Angelus Apatrida (thrash metal) – “Angelus Apatrida”

Appalooza (stoner rock) – “The Holy of Holies”

Banda Revo (banda brasileira de rock alternativo) – EP “Caos Universal”

Black Hole Deity (death metal) – “Lair of Xenolich”

Boozewa (stoner rock) – “First Contact”

Brooklane (pop punk) – “Roll with the Punches”

Caedes Cruenta (black metal) – “Of Ritual Necrophagia and Mysterious Ghoul Cults”

Cara Neir (black metal) – “Phase Out”

Colossus (death metal) – “Degenesis”

Cory Wong (funk rock) – “Cory and the Wongnotes”

Cult of Luna (metal progressivo) – “The Raging River”

Deacon Blue (pop rock) – “Riding on the Tide Of Love”

Dead Exaltation (death metal) – “Despondent”

Deiquisitor (death metal) – “Humanoid”

DeWolff (psychedelic/hard rock) – “Wolffpack

Downes Braide Association (rock progressivo) – “Halcyon Hymns”

Foo Fighters (rock alternativo) – “Medicine at Midnight

Froglord (doom/sludge metal) – “Save The Frogs”

Ghosts of Sunset (hard rock) – EP “Headed West”

Hayley Williams (vocalista do Paramore) – “Flowers for Vases / Descansos”

Heave Blood & Die (post-metal) — “Post People”

John Carpenter (progressivo/eletrônico) – “Lost Themes III: Alive After Death”

Kill the Ideal (rock alternativo) — “Against the World”

Komatsu (stoner metal) – “Rose of Jericho”

Korpiklaani (folk metal) – “Jylhä”

Liférika (banda brasileira de hard rock) – EP “Sem Nenhum Medo de Apostar”

Lockdown (banda brasileira de death metal, com João Gordo e Antonio Araújo) – EP “Unholy Ceremony Heretic”

Loss (banda brasileira de stoner/heavy rock) – EP “Let’s Go”

Maestitium (symphonic death metal) – “Tale of the Endless”

Malacoda (gothic metal) — EP “Crawling Chaos”

Matt Heafy (vocalista do Trivium) — EP acústico “Ascendancy”

Miss Lava (stoner rock) — “Doom Machine”

Nalani Rothrock (soul/country rock) — EP “The Rock House Sessions”

Nicolas Cage Fighter (metalcore) — EP “Cast You Out”

Patricia Fawkes (artista brasileira de rock/eletrônico) – “Escape from the Cave”

Ploho (post-punk) – “Phantom Feelings”

Product of Hate (thrash/groove metal) – “You Brought This War”

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets (psychedelic rock) – “SHYGA! The Sunlight Mound”

Psykup (metal experimental) – “Hello Karma”

Sarin (post-metal) — “You Can’t Go Back”

Sea Sleeper (post-metal) – “Nostophobia”

Shotgun Revolution (hard/alternative rock) – “IV”

Terrordome (thrash metal) — “Straight Outta Smogtown”

The Prog Collective (rock progressivo, com músicos do Yes, Asia, Queensrÿche, Jethro Tull e mais) — “Worlds on Hold”

The Ruins of Beverast (black/doom metal) – “The Thule Grimoiries”

To Kill Achilles (metalcore) – “Something To Remember Me By”

Todd La Torre (heavy metal, vocalista do Queensrÿche) – “Rejoice in the Suffering”

Transatlantic (metal progressivo) – “The Absolute Universe”

Vampire Weekend (indie rock) – EP “40:42”

Vargas & Lagola (pop/rock) – “Mount Alda”

Velles (banda brasileira de rock alternativo) – “Mire”

Walking Papers (blues rock) – “The Light Below”

We the Kings (pop/rock) – EP “Saga”

White Nights (doom/black metal) – “Solanaceae”

10 de fevereiro

Serenity In Murder (melodic death metal) – “Reborn”

12 de fevereiro

3.2 (rock progressivo) – “Third Impression”

Abiotic (deathcore) – “Ikigai”

Ablaze My Sorrow (melodic death metal) – “Among Ashes and Monoliths”

Aborym (industrial metal) – “Hostile”

Ana Carol (artista brasileira de rock alternativo) – “Alma Nua”

Arc of Life (rock progressivo, com membros do Yes) – “Arc of Life”

Arcaeon (metalcore/progressivo) – “Cascadence”

Blessed Black (doom metal) – “La Brea”

Blue Hour Ghosts (gothic/progressive metal) – “Due”

Carcolh (doom metal) — “The Life and Works of Death”

DayGlo Mourning (stoner/doom metal) – “Dead Star Black”

Death by Unga Bunga (garage rock) – “Heavy Male Insecurity”

Demon King (blackened death metal) – “The Final Tyranny”

Drones (punk rock) – “Our Hell is Right Here”

Durbin (ex-vocalista do Quiet Riot, hard rock) – “The Beast Awakens”

Emptiness (post-metal) – “Vide”

Everdawn (symphonic/power metal) – “Cleopatra”

Fallstar (metalcore) – “Sunbreather”

Girli (indie rock) – EP “Ex Talk”

God is an Astronaut (instrumental) – “Ghost Tapes #10”

Grand Cadaver (thrash/death metal) – EP “Madness Comes”

Humanity’s Last Breath (deathcore) – “Välde”

Immortal Guardian (prog/power metal) – “Psychosomatic”

Indica Blues (doom metal) – “We Are Doomed”

Infinity Shred (experimental) — EP “EP002 (Recovery)”

Inglorious (hard rock) – “We Will Ride

Joel Hoekstra’s 13 (guitarrista do Whitesnake, hard rock) – “Running Games

Joyann Parker (blues rock/soul) – “Out of the Dark”

Kreek (hard rock) – “Kreek”

London Grammar (rock alternativo) – “California Soil”

Love and Death (nu metal, com Brian “Head” Welch, guitarrista do Korn) – “Perfectly Preserved”

Luca Brasi (rock alternativo) – “Everything is Tenuous”

Metal De Facto (power metal) — EP “Legionnaires’ Oaths”

Mod Sun (pop punk) – “Internet Killed the Rockstar”

Mush (indie rock) – “Lines Redacted”

Pale Waves (synthwave) – “Who Am I?”

Pyre (death metal) – “Chained to Ossuaries”

Rings of Saturn (deathcore) — “Embryonic Anomaly”

Simulacrum (metal progressivo) – “Genesis”

Sirenia (symphonic metal) – “Riddles, Ruins & Revelations”

Slammin’ Gladys (hard rock) — “Two”

Spire (black metal) — “Temple of Khronos”

Teenage Wrist (rock alternativo) – “Earth Is A Black Hole”

The Mercy Kills (hard/punk rock) — EP “New Rule”

The Nova Hawks (blues rock) — “Redemption”

The Pretty Reckless (hard rock) – “Death By Rock and Roll

Toledo Steel (heavy metal) – “Heading for the Fire”

13 de fevereiro

Slaves to Fashion (heavy metal) — “The History of Heavy Metal”

14 de fevereiro

Buried (death metal) — “Oculus Rot”

19 de fevereiro

Austin Meade (americana) – “Black Sheep”

Crystallion (power metal) – “Heads of Tails”

Daze of June (metalcore) — “Tainted Blood”

Edie Brickell and New Bohemians (rock alternativo) – “Hunter and the Dog Star”

Ephemerald (symphonic death metal) – “Between The Glimpses Of Hope”

Escape the Fate (metalcore) – “Chemical Warfare”

Final Void (power metal) – “Visions of Fear”

Gravesend (death metal/grindcore) – “Methods of Human Disposal”

Hand Habits (indie folk) — EP “Dirt”

Hearty Har (rock psicodélico, filhos de John Fogerty) – “Radio Astro”

Jack McBannon (country rock) – “True Stories”

Jakethehawk (stoner/psychedelic rock) – “Hinterlands”

Lake of Tears (dark rock) – “Ominous”

Mark Knight & The Unsung Heroes (hard rock) — “Days of A Dreamer”

Mister Goblin (indie rock) — “Four People in an Elevator and One of Them Is the Devil”

Mogwai (post-rock) – “As The Love Continues”

Normandie (hardcore/rock alternativo) – “Dark & Beautiful Secrets”

nothing, nowhere (alternative rock/rap) – “Trauma Factory”

Philm (post-hardcore) – “Time Burner”

Ricky Warwick (vocalista do Black Star Riders, hard rock) – “When Life Was Hard And Fast”

Skywalker (melodic post-hardcore) — “Late Eternity”

Socioclast (death metal) — “Socioclast”

Stick to Your Guns (melodic hardcore) — EP de covers “The Meaning Remains”

Suffering Hour (blackened death metal) – “The Cycling Reckoning”

Temperance (melodic power metal) – EP “Melodies of Green and Blue”

The Amenta (industrial/death metal) – “Revelator”

Venomous (banda brasileira de death metal) – EP “Tribus”

Veronica Lewis (blues rock) — “You Ain’t Unlucky”

21 de fevereiro

Amigo The Devil (folk rock) – “Born Against”

Ravenoir (black/death metal) – “The Darkest Flame Of Eternal Blasphemy”

23 de fevereiro

Redhook (rock alternativo) — EP “Bad Decisions”

25 de fevereiro

Vektor/Cryptosis (thrash metal) – EP split “Transmissions Of Chaos”

26 de fevereiro

-(16)- and Grime (doom/sludge metal) – EP “Doom Sessions Vol. 3”

Abstrakt (symphonic black metal) – “Uncreation”

Age of Woe (doom/sludge metal) — “Envenom”

Alice Cooper (hard rock) – “Detroit Stories

Ally Venable (blues rock) — “Heart of Fire”

Anneke van Giersbergen (symphonic metal) – “The Darkest Skies Are The Brightest

Architects (metalcore) – “For Those That Wish To Exist

Autumn’s Child (hard rock) – “Angel’s Gate”

Bonfire (hard rock) — “Roots”

Bonnie Tyler (pop/rock) — “The Best Is Yet to Come”

Carpool Tunnel (surf rock) — “Bloom”

Cave of Swimmers (metal progressivo) — “Aurora”

Chris Roberts (blues rock) — EP “Get Down”

Cloud Nothings (indie rock) – “The Shadow I Remember”

Culted (black/doom metal) – “Nous”

Curtis Salgado (classic rock) — “Damage Control”

Einherjer (viking metal) – “North Star”

Electric Century (rock alternativo) — “Electric Century”

Empyrium (dark folk metal) – “Über den Sternen”

Epica (symphonic metal) – “Omega

Evergrey (metal progressivo) – “Escape of the Phoenix”

Everture (melodic metal) – “Emerge”

Fellowcraft (metal alternativo) — “This Is Where You’ll Find Me”

Glitterer (rock alternativo) – “Life is not a Lesson”

Helstar (power/speed metal) — “Clad in Black”

Jax Hollow (blues rock) — “Underground Anthems”

Joanna Connor (blues rock, com produção de Joe Bonamassa) — “4801 South Indiana Avenue”

Joseph Williams (vocalista do Toto, hard rock/AOR) – “Denizen Tenant”

Iotunn (metal progressivo) — “Access All Worlds”

Karbholz (indie/punk rock) – “Kontra”

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard (rock psicodélico) — “L.W.”

Knoll (grindcore) — “Interstice”

Korpse (death metal) – “Insufferable Violence”

Laced in Lust (hard rock) — “First Bite”

Landmvrks (metalcore) – “Lost in the Waves”

Lost Horizons (indie rock) — “In Quiet Moments”

Melvins (rock alternativo) – “Working With God”

Mephistofeles (stoner/doom metal) – EP “A Path of Black”

Moonspell (gothic metal) – “Hermitage”

NOFX (punk rock) — “Single Album”

Of Mice & Men (metalcore) — “Timeless”

Ominous Ruin (death metal) – “Amidst Voices That Echo In Stone”

Richard Barbieri (ex-Porcupine Tree, rock progressivo) – “Under a Spell”

Slowly Slowly (pop punk) — “Race Car Blues Extended Edition”

Steve Lukather (guitarrista do Toto, hard rock/AOR) – “I Found the Sun Again”

Strawbs (rock progressivo) – “Settlement”

Summoning The Lich (punk rock) — “United In Chaos”

Sunnata (doom metal) — “Burning In Heaven, Melting On Earth”

Timelost (grunge/shoegaze) — “Gushing Interest”

Walk the Walk (hard rock) – “Walk the Walk”

Willie Nelson (outlaw country) – “That’s Life”

Registros ao vivo, coletâneas e mais

5 de fevereiro

Kalidia (power metal) — regravação de “Lies’ Device”

Kylver (post-rock) — ao vivo “The Plague Tapes”

12 de fevereiro

Black Sabbath (heavy metal) – relançamento “Vol. 4: Super Deluxe Edition”

Dio (heavy metal) – relançamento dos álbuns ao vivo “Evil Or Divine: Live In New York City” e “Holy Diver Live”

Riverside (rock progressivo) – relançamento de “Out of Myself”

Tommy Emmanuel (blues rock) — ao vivo “Tommy Emmanuel Live From The Balboa Theatre”

19 de fevereiro

Frank Zappa (rock alternativo) – box set “Zappa: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”

Krokus (hard rock) – ao vivo “Adios Amigos Live @ Wacken”

Whitesnake (hard rock) — coletânea de remixes “The Blues Album”

26 de fevereiro

Kreator (thrash metal) – box set “Under the Guillotine: The Noise Records Anthology”

Lynyrd Skynyrd (southern rock) – box set “Nothing Comes Easy: 1991-2012”

Neil Young (folk rock) — ao vivo “Way Down in the Rust Bucket”

The Black Crowes (hard/southern rock) — relançamento de “Shake Your Money Maker”

Mês seguinte: março de 2021 (álbuns já lançados)

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