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Lançamentos: os álbuns de rock e metal de 2021

Lista reúne discos que estão chegando ao longo de todo o ano; levantamento é separado por dia e mês e indica subgêneros de cada artista/banda

Lançamentos de álbuns de rock e metal em junho de 2021

4 de junho

Ancient Wisdom (black metal) – “A Celebration in Honor of Death”

Atreyu (metalcore) — “Baptize”

Billy F Gibbons (blues rock, vocalista do ZZ Top) – “Hardware“

Boss Keloid (psych/prog rock) — “Family the Smiling Thrust”

Circle of Sighs (doom metal) – “Narci”

Cleopatrick (hard rock) – “Bummer”

Cloak of Altering (black metal) – “Sheathed Swords Drip with Poisonous Honey”

Code (metal progressivo) – “Flyblown Prince”

Death Therapy (groove metal) – “Melancholy Machines”

Desaster (blackened thrash metal) — “Churches Without Saints”

Eternal Struggle (hardcore) – “Year of the Gun”

Flotsam and Jetsam (thrash metal) — “Blood in the Water”

Hannes Grossmann (technical death metal) – “To Where The Light Retreats”

Ian Parry (heavy metal) — “Brute Force”

Inhuman Condition (black/death metal) — “Rat God”

James (indie rock) — “All the Colours of You”

King Buffalo (rock psicodélico) — “The Burden of Restlessness”

Liz Phair (indie rock) — “Soberish”

Love Is Red (metalcore) – EP “Darkness Is Waiting”

Loveless (emo) — “Loveless I”

Lowen (doom/folk metal) – “Unceasing Lamentations”

Necronemesis (death metal) – “Some Things Should Stay Underground”

Nephila (rock psicodélico) – “Nephila”

Oslo Tapes (avant-garde metal) — “OR”

Paul Gilbert (instrumental) — “Werewolves of Portland”

Quinn Sullivan (blues rock) — “Wide Awake”

Red Fang (stoner rock) — “Arrows”

Rhapsody of Fire (power metal) – EP “I’ll Be Your Hero”

Rise Against (punk rock) — “Nowhere Generation”

Sepetus (death metal) – “Phantom Indigo”

Shun (stoner metal) – “Shun”

Sojourner (death metal) – EP “Perennial”

Starlight Ritual (heavy metal) – “Sealed in Starlight”

Theo Travis (rock progressivo) – “Songs From The Apricot Tree”

Tom Newman (rock, produtor de Mike Oldfield) – “The Faerie Symphony II”

Van Canto (metal acapella) — “To the Power of Eight”

W!zard (noise rock) — EP “Definitely Unfinished”

Wolf Alice (indie rock/pop) — “Blue Weekend”

11 de junho

AFI (hardcore) — “Bodies”

Angel Du$t (rock alternativo) — “Bigger House”

Beto Bruno (ex-vocalista da banda brasileira Cachorro Grande) – “O Escudo do Arcanjo Miguel”

Brother Against Brother (metal melódico, com os brasileiros Nando Fernandes e Renan Zonta) – “Brother Against Brother“

Crucifixion Bell (black metal) – “Eternal Grip of the Nocturnal Empire”

Crypta (banda brasileira de death metal) — “Echoes of the Soul

Danny Elfman (rock progressivo / experimental) – “Big Mess”

Deb Ryder (blues rock) – “Memphis Moonlight”

Diamond Weapon (post-hardcore) – “Eyes”

Distant (death metal) — “Aeons of Oblivion”

Dobermann (hard rock) – “Shaken to the Core”

Dornenreich (black/folk metal) – “Du Wilde Liebe Sei”

Exsanguination (death metal) – “Spectral Hymns”

Flying Cupid (djent) – “All Turns To Dust”

Garbage (rock alternativo) — “No Gods No Masters”

Go Ahead and Die (thrash/death metal, com Max Cavalera) — “Go Ahead and Die

Green Jellÿ (punk rock) – “Garbage Band Kids”

Hammer King (power metal) — “Hammer King”

Interloper (metal progressivo) — “Search Party”

Jim Ward (modern hard rock) – “Daggers”

Julian Lage Trio (jazz) — “Squint”

Kambrium (death metal) — “Synthetic Era”

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard (rock psicodélico) — “Butterfly 3000”

Living Dead Girl (gothic metal) – “Exorcism”

Lucer (hard rock) — “L.A. Collection”

Machine Head (thrash/groove metal) — EP “Arrows in Words From the Sky”

Mammoth WVH (projeto de Wolfgang Van Halen) — “Mammoth WVH

Mother of All (melodic death metal) – “Age of the Solipsist”

Nobody’s Cult (rock alternativo) – “Mood Disorders”

Orphan Donor (noise metal) – “Unraveled”

Press to MECO (rock alternativo) – “Transmute”

Sinoptik (rock progressivo/psicodélico) – “The Calling”

Sleater-Kinney (rock alternativo) – “Path of Wellness”

Smokeheads (metal alternativo) – “Never Prick My Prickles”

Terra Odium (metal progressivo) — “No Plus Ultra”

This Ending (melodic death metal) – “Needles of Rust”

Toby Knapp (heavy metal) — “From the Aether”

Witch Cross (heavy metal) – “Angel of Death”

Wolf Alice (rock alternativo) – “Blue Weekend”

World of Damage (hard n’ heavy) – “Invoke Determination”

Wristmeetrazor (metalcore) — “Replica of a Stranger Love”

18 de junho

Alustrium (death metal progressivo) — “A Monument to Silence”

Another Now (modern metal) — “Omni”

Bossk Set (post-metal) – “Migration”

Caleb Johnson (blues rock) – “Mountain Mojo Vol. 1”

Crowne (hard rock, com membros do Europe e H.E.A.T) — “Kings in the North”

De’Wayne (rock altenrativo) – “Stains”

Fear Factory (metal industrial) — “Aggression Continuum”

Hacktivist (metalcore) — “Hyperdialect”

Heavy Temple (psychedelic doom metal) — “Lupi Amoris”

Helloween (power metal) — “Helloween

Kent Hilli (melodic hard rock) — “The Rumble”

Neonfly (power metal) — “The Future, Tonight”

Social Disorder (hard rock, com Tracii Guns e Rudy Sarzo) — “Love 2 Be Hated”

Soldiers of Destruction (punk/metal) – “Cause and Affect”

Styx (hard rock) – “Crash of the Crown”

The Day of the Beast (death metal) – “Indisputably Carnivorous”

Timo Tolkki’s Avalon (power metal) — “The Enigma Birth”

Tom Morello e Bloody Beetroots (punk rock) – EP “The Catastrophists”

Wanderer (grindcore) — “Liberation From A Brutalist Existence”

25 de junho

10,000 Years (stoner metal) – “II”

Amenra (post-metal) – “De Doorn”

Artach (blackened death metal) – “Sworn to Avenge”

Beartooth (hardcore punk) — “Below”

Buckcherry (hard rock) — “Hellbound

Cathexis (technical death metal) – “Untethered Abyss”

Cerebral Rot (death metal) – “Excretion of Mortality”

Crescent (blackened death metal) – “Carving the Fires of Akhet”

Darkthrone (black metal) – “Eternal Hails”

Dave Kalz (blues rock) — “Relish”

Dave Keuning (guitarrista do The Killers) – “A Mild Case of Everything”

Dead Romantic (rock alternativo) — “Voices”

Drug Church (punk rock) — EP “Tawny”

Ellis Mano Band (blues rock) – “Ambedo”

Emily Wolfe (rock alternativo) – “Outlier”

Empire of Disease (melodic death metal) – “With All My Hate”

Endless Chain (metal progressivo) – “Forthcoming Past”

Eve 6 (rock alternativo) – EP “Grim Value”

ExitWounds (metalcore/groove metal) – “Heavy Is Empty”

Fargo (hard rock) — “Strangers D’Amour”

Fractal Universe (progressive death metal) – “The Impassable Horizon”

Free Throw (rock alternativo) – “Piecing it Together”

Heartsick (metal alternativo) — EP “Cinco”

Hiraes (melodic death metal) – “Solitary”

Island (indie rock) – “Yesterday Park”

Jasmeno (synth-prog) — EP “Elixir”

Kent Hilli (hard rock/AOR, vocalista do Perfect Plan) — “The Rumble”

Kilter (jazz metal) – “Sys”

King Company (hard rock) — “Trapped”

Leslie Hunt (vocalista do District 97, rock progressivo) – EP “Ascend”

Light the Torch (metalcore) — “You Will Be the Death of Me”

Lovebreakers (power pop) – “Primary Colours”

Lucy Dacus (indie rock) — “Home Video”

Mental Cavity (death metal) – “Mass Rebel Infest”

Mindfield (hardcore) – “Seclusion of Sanity”

Modest House (rock alternativo) – “The Golden Casket”

Mother Mother (indie rock) – “Inside”

Nemophila (heavy metal) – “Oiran – Extended Edition”

Odd Circus (avant-garde metal) – “Arch Nova”

Orchards (metal alternativo) – EP “Wasting Away”

Pestilence (progressive death metal) — “Exitivm”

Robbing Millions (avant-pop/rock) – “Holidays Inside”

Roger Chapman (rock progressivo) – “Life in the Pond”

Scale The Summit (metal progressivo) – “Subjects”

SkyEye (heavy metal) — “Soldiers of Light”

Stöner (stoner rock, com membros do Kyuss) — “Stoners Rule

Suidakra (folk/death metal) — “Wolfbite”

Sullivan (punk rock) — “Loud”

The Absence (melodic death metal) — “Coffinized”

The CEO (hard rock, com músico do Sevendust) – “Redemption”

The Murlocs (rock alternativo) — “Bittersweet Demons”

Thy Catafalque (avant-garde metal) – “Vadak”

Tommy Concrete (metal progressivo) – “Hexenzirkel”

Urne (sludge metal) — “Serpent & Spirit”

Wildstreet (hard rock) – “III”

Withered (blackened death metal) — “Verloren”

Registros ao vivo, coletâneas e mais

11 de junho

Black Sabbath (heavy metal) – relançamento “Sabotage: Super Deluxe Edition”

Kiss (hard rock) — álbum ao vivo “Off the Soundboard: Tokyo 2001”

Klone (atmospheric rock) — ao vivo “Alive”

Joe Bonamassa (blues rock) — ao vivo “Now Serving: Royal Tea — Live From The Ryman”

Mötley Crüe (hard rock) – remaster digital de “Girls, Girls, Girls”

Mr. Bungle (metal alternativo, com Mike Patton, Scott Ian e Dave Lombardo) — ao vivo “The Night They Came Home”

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (rock alternativo) – “Back the Way We Came: Vol 1 (2011-2021)”

One Desire (hard rock) — álbum ao vivo “One Night Only — Live in Helsinki”

Pig Destroyer (grindcore) – álbum ao vivo “Pornographers of Sound: Live In NYC”

18 de junho

Frank Zappa (rock) – álbum ao vivo “Zappa ’88: The Last U.S. Show”

20 de junho

Triumph (hard rock) – box set / relançamento “Allied Forces”

25 de junho

Lacuna Coil (gothic metal) – ao vivo “Live From the Apocalypse”

Queensrÿche (heavy metal) – relançamentos remasterizados de “Operation: Mindcrime” e “Empire”

Toto (AOR/soft rock) – ao vivo “With a Little Help From My Friends”

Mês seguinte: julho de 2021 (álbuns já lançados)

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