95 álbuns de rock e metal que serão lançados em agosto de 2019

No que diz respeito aos lançamentos dentro do rock e metal, o mês de julho foi bem fraco, mas agosto, definitivamente, não será o “mês do desgosto”. Além de ter mais álbuns anunciados, o período em questão conta com nomes mais fortes apresentando suas novidades, como Slipknot, Tool e Volbeat.

Outros trabalhos que geram expectativa são os novos do The New Roses, boa banda de hard rock; Phil Lanzon, tecladista do regular Uriah Heep; Northtale, grupo de power metal que inclui o guitarrista brasileiro Bill Hudson (ex-U.D.O.); Tarja Turunen, que terá até participação de Carlinhos Brown; e o inventivo Crobot, entre outros.

Depois, não deixe de conferir:
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Veja, a seguir, 95 álbuns de rock e metal que serão lançados em agosto de 2019:

2 de agosto

Volbeat (hard rock/heavy metal) – “Rewind, Replay, Rebound”

Cro-Mags (crossover thrash) – EP “Don’t Give In”

Damn Your Eyes (heavy metal) – “Kill The Outside”

Holy Holy (indie rock) – “My Own Pool Of Light”

Northlane (metalcore) – “Alien”

The Offering (alternative metal) – “Home”

The New Roses (hard rock) – “Nothing But Wild”

Russian Circles (post-metal instrumental) – “Blood Year”

John 5 and the Creatures (guitarrista do Rob Zombie) – “Invasion”

Garry Tallent (membro da E Street Band) – “More Like Me”

iamthemorning (rock progressivo) – “The Bell”

The Giraffes (sludge/alternative metal) – “Flower Of The Cosmos”

Phil Lanzon (tecladista do Uriah Heep) – “48 Seconds”

Lou Dibello (hard rock) – “American Hard Rock”

Excuse (thrash metal) – “Prophets From The Occultic Cosmos”

Mylingar (blackened death metal) – “Döda Själar”

Humanity’s Last Breath (deathcore) – “Abyssal”

Finsterforst (folk metal) – “Zerfall”

Northtale (power metal) – “Welcome To Paradise”

Narnia (power metal) – “From Darkness To Light”

Carnifex (deathcore) – “World War X”

Bad Omens (metalcore) – “Finding God Before God Finds Me”

Reptilium (death metal) – “Conspiranoic”

Skillet (christian metal) – “Victorious”

3 de agosto

Sister Switchblade (hard rock) – “Tales & Taboos”

6 de agosto

Kill City Kills (hard/sleaze rock) – EP “Straight From The Heart of Nowhere”

9 de agosto

Slipknot (nu/groove metal) – “We Are Not Your Kind”

The Regrettes (punk rock/riot grrrl) – “How Do You Love?”

Strung Out (hardcore) – “Songs of Armor and Devotion”

Ardours (gothic/alternative metal, com Mariangela Demurtas, vocalista do Tristania) – “Last Place On Earth”

Feeder (rock alternativo) – “Tallulah”

Destruction (thrash metal) – “Born To Perish”

Unruly Child (melodic hard rock) – “Big Blue World”

Zombie Apocalypse (crossover thrash) – EP “Life Without Pain Is A Fucking Fantasy”

Besvärjelsen (stoner/doom metal) – EP “Frost”

Suicidal Angels (thrash metal) – “Years of Aggression”

Tau Cross (crust punk) – “Messengers of Deceptions”

Roxy Blue (hard rock) – “Roxy Blue”

Pathology (death metal) – “Reborn to Kill”

Soleil Moon (melodic hard rock) – “Warrior”

Phobia (grindcore) – “Generation Coward”

The Contortionist (metal progressivo) – EP “Our Bones”

Spread Eagle (hard rock) – “Subway To The Stars”

13 de agosto

Exes For Eyes (groove metal) – “Of Strength and Sorrow”

16 de agosto

Hammerfall (power metal) – “Dominion“

Equilibrium (folk metal) – “Renegades”

Twilight Force (power metal) – “Dawn of the Dragonstar”

Shock Narcotic (grindcore) – “I Have Seen The Future And It Doesn’t Work“

Devourment (death metal) – “Obscene Majesty”

Killswitch Engage (metalcore) – “Atonement”

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard (rock psicodélico) – “Infest The Rats’ Nest”

Ride (rock alternativo) – “This Is Not a Safe Place”

Sleater-Kineny (punk rock/riot grrrl) – “The Center Won’t Hold”

Picture (hard n’ heavy) – “Wings”

20 de agosto

Sorcery (death metal) – “Necessary Excess Of Violence”

23 de agosto

Michael Schenker Fest (hard rock) – “Revelation”

Freedom Call (power metal) – “M.E.T.A.L.”

Knocked Loose (hardcore) – “A Different Shade of Blue”

Eighteenth Hour (hard rock) – “Eighteenth Hour”

It Prevails (melodic hardcore) – EP “A Life Worth Living“

Domination Inc. (thrash metal) – “Memoir 414”

Crobot (hard/funk rock) – “Motherbrain”

Illdisposed (melodic death metal) – “Reveal Your Soul For The Dead”

Astralium (symphonic/power metal) – “Land Of Eternal Dreams”

Isole (epic doom metal) – “Dystopia”

The Rubinoos (power pop) – “Far From Home”

Nemesea (rock alternativo) – “White Flag”

Denner’s Inferno (heavy metal, com Michael Denner, ex-guitarrista do Mercyful Fate) – “Fountain of Grace”

Cemican (power/folk metal) – “In Ohtli Teoyohtica In Miquiztli”

Ceremony (punk rock) – “In The Spirit World”

The Rembrandts (pop rock) – “Via Satellite”

Ivory Tower (metal progressivo) – “Stronger”

WRVTH (post-metal) – “No Rising Sun”

Sacred Reich (thrash metal) – “Awakening”

The Legendary Pink Dots (rock experimental) – “Angel in the Detail”

New Model Army (post-punk) – “From Here”

30 de agosto

Tool (metal alternativo/progressivo) – “Fear Inoculum”

Entombed A.D. (death n’ roll) – “Bowels of Earth”

Bon Iver (indie folk) – “I, I”

Hesitation Wounds (hardcore) – “Chicanery”

Visions of Atlantis (power metal) – “Wanderers”

Rockett Love (melodic hard rock) – “Greetings From Rocketland”

Tarja (gothic/symphonic metal) – “In The Raw”

Essence Of Datum (melodic death metal) – “Spellcrying Machine”

Wage War (metalcore) – “Pressure”

Imperium Dekadenz (atmospheric black metal) – “When We Are Forgotten”

The Futureheads (post-punk) – “Powers”

In Search Of Solace (metalcore) – “Enslaved To Tragedy”

Elvenking (power metal) – “Reader of the Runes – Divination”

Northern Genocide (industrial death metal) – “Genesis Vol. 666”

Drag Them Down (death metal) – “Drag Them Down”

Platinum Overdose (hard rock) – “Murder In High Heels”

Culted (blackened doom metal) – EP “Vespertina Synaxis – A Prayer for Union & Emptiness”

Saint Deamon (power metal) – “Ghost”

Samantha Fish (blues rock) – “Kill Or Be Kind”

>>> Bônus – registros ao vivo, coletâneas e mais

2 de agosto

Saxon – ao vivo “The Eagle Has Landed 40”

Yes – CD e LP ao vivo “Yes: 50 Live”

Creedence Clearwater Revival – CD e LP ao vivo “Live At Woodstock”

Bad Company – box set “The Swan Song Years 1974-1982”, com os 6 primeiros discos

Filme (DVD) “American Experience: Woodstock – Three Days That Defined a Generation”

Riot V – ao vivo “Live In Japan 2018”

9 de agosto

Bruce Springsteen – trilha sonora do filme “Blinded By The Light”, com uma inédita

TC&I – ao vivo “Naked Flames: Live at Swindon Arts Centre”

16 de agosto

ZZ Top – coletânea “Goin’ 50”

23 de agosto

The Dead Daisies – ao vivo “Locked and Loaded”

John Lodge – coletânea “B Yond”

30 de agosto

Frank Zappa – relançamento de “Orchestral Favorites” em box set com 3 CDs

Sons of Apollo – ao vivo “Live with the Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony”

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