140 álbuns de rock e metal que serão lançados em setembro de 2019

Após lançamentos “gigantescos” e bastante aguardados em agosto, o mês de setembro chega com um volume de novidades maior, ainda que sem tantos nomes de impacto como o anterior. Entre os mais esperados, estão os próximos álbuns de Korn, Iggy Pop, Blink-182, Opeth, Liam Gallagher e Hellyeah, além da parceria entre Mike Patton e Jean-Claude Vannier.

Há, ainda, alguns destaques mais peculiares na lista de setembro. Um deles é o trabalho solo do guitarrista e produtor Stevie D, “Torn From The Pages”, que conta com vocais de ninguém menos que Corey Glover (Living Colour). Brittany Howard, do Alabama Shakes, também está chegando com um registro fora de sua banda. Outros nomes que merecem ser mencionados são o KXM, The Defiants, Zumbis do Espaço, Beth Hart e Whiskey Myers.

Depois, não deixe de conferir:
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Confira, a seguir, 140 álbuns de rock e metal que serão lançados em setembro de 2019:

6 de setembro

Iggy Pop – “Free”

Anamorph (metal instrumental) – “Lucid”

Chrissie Hynde (vocalista do Pretenders) – “Valve Bone Woe”

Disillusion (metal progressivo) – “The Liberation”

Divided Multitude (metal progressivo) – “Faceless Aggressor”

Black Star Riders (hard rock) – “Another State of Grace”

Eclipser (black metal) – “Pathos”

Everfrost (power metal) – “Winterider”

Foscor (dark/progressive metal) – “Els Sepulcres Blancs”

Frankie Cosmos (indie rock) – “Close It Quietly”

Gary Sunshine (hard rock) – “Beer, Picks & Old Records”

Stevie D e Corey Glover (hard rock) – “Torn From The Pages”

Jake Clemons (saxofonista da E Street Band) – “Eyes on the Horizon”

Kayo Dot (metal progressivo/post-metal) – “Blasphemy”

Keys Of Orthanc (atmospheric black metal) – “A Battle In The Dark Lands Of The Eye (Naturmacht)

Mgla (black metal) – “Age of Excuse”

Mizmor (black metal) – “Cairn”

Liv Sin (heavy metal) – “Burning Sermons”

Rat Face Lewey (hard/alternative rock) – “The Fall of Man”

Rise Twain (rock progressivo) – “Rise Twain”

Sleeping With Sirens (post-hardcore) – “How It Feels To Be Lost”

Sonata Arctica (power metal) – “Talviyö”

Status Quo (hard rock) – “Backbone”

The Brutalists (com membros do L.A. Guns e Quireboys) – “We Are Not Here To Help”

The Magpie Salute (hard rock, com ex-integrantes do Black Crowes) – EP “In Here”

Transport League (hard rock) – “A Million Volt Scream”

Vitriol (death metal) – “To Bathe From The Throat Of Cowardice”

Year Of The Goat (occult rock) – “Novis Orbis Terrarum Ordinis”

7 de setembro

IQ (rock progressivo) – Resistance”

9 de setembro

Zumbis do Espaço (banda brasileira de punk rock) – “Monstros Dominantes”

11 de setembro

Infant Annihilator (deathcore) – “The Battle of Yaldabaoth”

13 de setembro

Alice Cooper – EP “Breadcrumbs”

Korn (nu/groove metal) – “The Nothing”

Baest (death metal) – “Venenum”

Beartooth (hardcore) – EP “The Blackbird Session”

Being As An Ocean (post-hardcore) – “Proxy: An A.N.I.M.O. Story”

Belle and Sebastian (indie/folk rock) – “Days of the Bagnold Summer”

Betraying The Martyr (deathcore) – “Rapture”

Crashdïet (hard/sleaze rock) – “Rust”

BlackRain (hard rock) – “Dying Breed”

Block Buster (hard rock) – “Losing Gravity”

Blood Red Throne (death metal) – “Fit To Kill”

Bryan Beller (rock progressivo, membro do The Aristocrats) – “Scenes From The Flood”

Chelsea Wolfe (doom metal/gothic rock) – “Birth of Violence”

Blacktop Mojo (hard rock) – “Under The Sun”

Cold (post-grunge) – “The Things We Can’t Stop”

Crypt Sermon (epic doom metal) – “The Ruins of Fading Light”

Dawn Of Destiny (power metal) – “The Beast Inside”

Devilish Impressions (black metal) – EP “Postmortem Whispering Crows”

Endseeker (death metal) – “The Harvest”

Goo Goo Dolls (pop rock) – “Miracle Pill”

Grande Royale (hard rock) – “Take It Easy”

Jenny Hval (avant-garde/art pop) – “The Practice Of Love”

Kris Barras Band (blues rock) – “Light It Up”

Love Fame Tragedy (indie rock) – “I Don’t Want to Play the Victim, But I’m Really Good at It”

Pixies (rock alternativo) – “Beneath the Eyrie”

KXM (hard rock/groove metal) – “Circle of Dolls”

Puddle of Mudd (post-grunge) – “Welcome To Galvania”

Ram (heavy metal) – “The Throne Within”

Sam Fender (rock alternativo) – “Hypersonic Missiles”

Sascha Paeth’s Masters Of Ceremony (power metal) – “Signs Of Wings”

Sinner (hard n’ heavy) – “Santa Muerte”

Mike Patton e Jean-Claude Vannier – “Corpse Flower”

Starset (hard/alternative rock) – “Divisions”

The 69 Eyes (gothic rock) – “West End”

The HU (folk metal) – “The Gereg”

The Lumineers (indie rock) – “III”

The Utopia Strong (rock progressivo) – “The Utopia Strong”

Tiger Army (rock alternativo) – “Retrofuture”

The Defiants (hard rock, com integrantes do Danger Danger) – “Zokusho”

Visceral Disgorge (death metal) – “Slithering Evisceration”

Void of Visions (metalcore) – “Hyperdaze”

War of Ages (christian metalcore) – “Void”

Warish (punk rock) – “Down In Flames”

Wash of Sounds (metal alternativo) – “Heaven’s Crying”

Workshed (doom metal, com ex-integrantes do Cathedral) – “Workshed”

Tom Keifer (hard rock, ex-vocalista do Cinderella) – “Rise”

20 de setembro

Allan Clarke (vocalista do The Hollies) – “Resurgence”

Arctos (melodic black metal) – “Beyond The Grasp Of Mortal Hands”

As I Lay Dying (metalcore) – “Shaped By Fire”

Blink-182 (punk rock) – “Nine”

Axe (hard rock) – “Final Offering”

Coffins (death metal) – “Beyond The Circular Demise”

Cult of Luna (post-metal) – “A Dawn To Fear”

Exhorder (thrash/groove metal) – “Mourn The Southern Skies”

Kaprekar’s Constant (rock progressivo) – “Depth Of Field”

Brittany Howard (vocalista do Alabama Shakes) – “Jaime”

Keane (indie rock) – “Cause and Effect”

Kobra and the Lotus (heavy metal) – “Evolution”

Kurgan (melodic death metal) – “Yggdrasil Burns”

Monolord (sludge metal) – “No Comfort”

Liam Gallagher (ex-vocalista do Oasis) – “Why Me? Why Not”

Mr. Myst (hard rock) – “We Will Rise”

Mudhoney (grunge) – “Morning in America”

Robbie Robertson (guitarrista da The Band) – “Sinematic”

Samantha Fish (blues rock) – “Kill Or Be Kind”

Snow Burial (post-metal) – “Ostrava”

Michael Schenker Fest (hard rock) – “Revelation”

Takafumi Matsubara (grindcore) – “Strange, Beautiful and Fast”

The Number Twelve Looks Like You (mathcore) – “Wild Gods”

Zac Brown Band (country/southern rock) – “The Owl”

The Agonist (melodic death metal) – “Orphans”

22 de setembro

Arallu (black metal) – “En Olam”

26 de setembro

Behemoth (blackened death metal) – EP “O Pentagram Ignis”

27 de setembro

Beth Hart (soul/blues rock) – “War In My Mind”

Acid Reign (thrash metal) – “The Age Of Entitlement”

Age Of Reflection (melodic hard rock) – “A New Dawn”

Ark Ascent (metal progressivo) – “Downfall”

aswekeepsearching (post-rock) – “Rooh”

Bodyfarm (death metal) – “Dreadlord”

Hellyeah (groove metal) – “Welcome Home”

Borknagar (black metal) – “True North”

Boy & Bear (indie rock) – “Suck On Light”

Car Bomb (mathcore) – “Mordial”

Creeping Death (death metal) – “Wretched Illusions”

Dayseeker (post-hardcore) – “Sleeptalk”

Dragonforce (power metal) – “Extreme Power Metal”

Excalion (power metal) – “Emotions”

Iatt (extreme metal) – “Nomenclature”

Implore (blackened death metal) – “Alienated Despair”

KMFDM (industrial metal) – “Paradise”

Last Temptation (hard rock) – “Last Temptation”

Lee Abraham (rock progressivo) – “Comatose”

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (ex-guitarrista do Oasis) – EP “This Is the Place”

Mars Red Sky (stoner rock) – “The Task Eternal”

Of Mice & Men (metalcore) – “Earth & Sky”

Patronymicon (black metal) – “Ushered Forth By Cloven Tongue”

Planet of Zeus (stoner/alternative rock) – “Faith in Physics”

Prime Creation (heavy metal) – “Tears of Rage”

Opeth (metal progressivo) – “In Cauda Venenum”

SeeYouSpaceCowboy (hardcore) – “The Correlation Between Entrance And Exit Wounds”

Sifting – “The Infinite Loop”

Steel Panther (hard rock) – “Heavy Metal Rules”

Tales of the Tomb (death metal) – EP “Volume Two: Mendacium”

Temples (rock psicodélico) – “Hot Motion”

Weapon UK (heavy metal) – “Ghosts Of War”

Wednesday 13 (horror punk) – “Necrophaze”

Whiskey Myers (hard/southern rock) – “Whiskey Myers”

Wind Rose (power metal) – “Wintersaga”

30 de setembro

Ripper (death/thrash metal) – EP “Sensory Stagnation”

>>> Bônus – registros ao vivo, coletâneas e mais

6 de setembro

The Allman Brothers Band – box set “Fillmore West ’71”

Caravan – box set “The Decca/Deram Years (An Anthology) 1970-1975”

Killing Joke – ao vivo DVD/LP/CD Duplo “Malicious Damage – Live At The Astoria 12.10.03”

Mike Tramp – relançamento “Stray From the Flock – Tour Edition”

Slade – box set “Feel The Noize – The Singlez Box”

13 de setembro

Brant Bjork – relançamento de “Jalamanta”

Mob Rules – ao vivo “Beast Over Europe”

Steve Vai – álbum e Blu-Ray ao vivo “Stillness In Motion”

Stone Temple Pilots – relançamento “Purple: Super Deluxe Edition”

The Cult – box set “Sonic Temple 30”

20 de setembro

Gus G. – EP digital ao vivo “Live in Budapest – Part 1”

Lee Aaron – ao vivo “Power, Soul, Rock’n’Roll – Live in Germany”

Ramones – relançamento expandido de “It’s Alive”

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators – ao vivo “Living The Dream Tour”

27 de setembro

Ghost – box set “Prequelle Exalted”

Thunder – coletânea “The Greatest Hits”

Beatles – relançamento de “Abbey Road”, com gravações inéditas e álbum remixado

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