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Há 3 décadas: 165 álbuns de rock lançados em 1989

O último ano de uma década sempre marca pela sensação de encerrar um ciclo. O ano de 1989, todavia, vai além de uma sensação: especialmente na música e na cultura popular em geral, muita coisa chegou ao fim nessa época.

Em 1989, temos alguns dos últimos álbuns de produção pomposa, seja de pop ou de rock/hard rock, fazendo sucesso. A sobriedade e até melancolia que marcaram a música da década de 1990 ainda não se faz presente por aqui.

A lista a seguir reúne 165 álbuns de rock lançados em 1989. Também misturei alguns discos de outros gêneros, mas são poucos – e bons.

Depois, não deixe de conferir:
– 80 álbuns de rock lançados em 1969
– 50 álbuns de rock lançados em 1979
– 130 álbuns de rock lançados em 1994
– 115 álbuns de rock lançados em 1999
– 170 álbuns de rock lançados em 2009


10,000 Maniacs – “Blind Man’s Zoo”

Accept – “Eat The Heat”

Ace Frehley – “Trouble Walkin’”

Aerosmith – “Pump”

Alice Cooper – “Trash”

Annihilator – “Alice In Hell”

Anthem – “Hunting Time”

Axel Rudi Pell – “Wild Obsession”

Babylon A.D. – “Babylon A.D.”

Bad English – “Bad Engilsh”

Bad Religion – “No Control”

Badlands – “Badlands”

Bang Tango – “Psycho Café”

Beastie Boys – “Paul’s Boutique”

Billy Joel – “Storm Front”

Black Sabbath – “Headless Cross”

Blind Guardian – “Follow The Blind”

Blue Murder – “Blue Murder”

Bob Dylan – “Oh Mercy”

Bonfire – “Point Blank”

Bonham – “The Disregard Of Timekeeping”

Bonnie Raitt – “Nick Of Time”

Britny Fox – “Boys In Heat”

Buana 4 – “Eu Só Quero Ser Feliz”

Candlemass – “Tales of Creation”

Cazuza – “Burguesia”

Cher – “Heart Of Stone”

China – “Sign In The Sky”

D.A.D. – “No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims”

D.R.I. – “Thrash Zone”

Danger Danger – “Danger Danger”

Dangerous Toys – “Dangerous Toys”

Don Henley – “The End of the Innocence”

Doro – “Force Majeure”

Dream Theater – “When Dream And Day Unite”

Drive, She Said – “Drive, She Said”

Elton John – “Sleeping With The Past”

Elvis Costello – “Spike”

Enuff Z’Nuff – “Enuff Z’Nuff”

Eric Clapton – “Journeyman”

Excel – “The Joke’s On You”

Exodus – “Fabulous Disaster”

Extreme – “Extreme”

EZO – “Fire Fire”

Faith No More – “The Real Thing”

Faster Pussycat – “Wake Me When It’s Over”

Fates Warning – “Perfect Symmetry”

Fifth Angel – “Time Will Tell”

FM – “Tough It Out”

Frank Zappa – “Broadway The Hard Way”

Gary Moore – “After The War”

Gorky Park – “Gorky Park”

Great White – “…Twice Shy”

Green Day – “1,000 Hours”

Guilherme Arantes – “Romances Modernos”

Hermética – “Hermética”

Icon – “Right Between The Eyes”

Inimigos do Rei – “Inimigos do Rei”

Jethro Tull – “Rock Island”

João Penca e seus Miquinhos Amestrados – “Sucesso do Inconsciente”

Joe Satriani – “Flying In A Blue Dream”

John Cougar Mellencamp – “Big Daddy”

Kid Abelha – “Kid”

King Diamond – “Conspiracy”

King’s X – “Gretchen Goes to Nebraska”

Kingdom Come – “In Your Face”

Kiss – “Hot In The Shade”

Kreator – “Extreme Aggression”

L.A. Guns – “Cocked & Loaded”

Legião Urbana – “As Quatro Estações”

Lenny Kravitz – “Let Love Rule”

Lion – “Trouble In Angel City”

Lizzy Borden – “Master of Disguise”

Lobão – “Sob o Sol do Parador”

Lobotomia – “Nada é Como Parece”

Lou Gramm – “Long Hard Look”

Lou Reed – “New York”

Loudness – “Soldier Of Fortune”

Madonna – “Like A Prayer”

Marillion – “Seasons End”

McAuley Schenker Group – “Save Yourself”

Meat Puppets – “Monsters”

Metal Church – “Blessing In Disguise”

Michael Monroe – “Not Fakin’ It”

Ministry – “The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste”

Morbid Angel – “Altars Of Madness”

Mötley Crüe – “Dr. Feelgood”

Mr. Big – “Mr. Big”

Mudhoney – “Mudhoney”

Neil Young – “Freedom”

Nenhum de Nós – “Cardume”

New Order – “Technique”

Nine Inch Nails – “Pretty Hate Machine”

Nirvana – “Bleach”

Nitro – “O.F.R.”

Nuclear Assault – “Handle With Care”

Obituary – “Slowly We Rot”

Olho Seco – “Olho por Olho”

Os Cascavelettes – “Rock’a’Ula”

Os Paralamas do Sucesso – “Big Bang”

Overkill – “The Years of Decay”

Paul McCartney – “Flowers in the Dirt”

Pete Townshend – “The Iron Man: The Musical by Pete Townshend”

Peter Gabriel – “Passion”

Phantom Blue – “Phantom Blue”

Phil Collins – “…But Seriously”

Pink Cream 69 – “Pink Cream 69”

Pixies – “Doolittle”

Pretty Boy Floyd – “Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz”

Primus – “Suck On This”

Prince – “Batman”

Queen – “The Miracle”

Rage – “Secrets  in a Weird World”

Ramones – “Brain Drain”

Ratos de Porão – “Brasil”

Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Mother’s Milk”

Robin Beck – “Trouble Or Nothin’”

Rolling Stones – “Steel Wheels”

Rush – “Presto”

Saraya – “Saraya”

Savatage – “Gutter Ballet”

Screaming Trees – “Buzz Factory”

Sepultura – “Beneath The Remains”

Shark Island – “Law of the Order”

Signal – “Loud & Clear”

Skid Row – “Skid Row”

Sodom – “Agent Orange”

Soundgarden – “Louder Than Love”

Steve Lukather – “Lukather”

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble – “In Step”

Stratovarius – “Fright Night”

Suicidal Tendencies – “Controlled by Hatred/Feel Like Shit…Déjà Vu”

Swedish Erotica – “Swedish Erotica”

Tears For Fears – “The Seeds Of Love”

Tesla – “The Great Radio Controversy”

Testament – “Practice What You Preach”

The B-52’s – “Cosmic Thing”

The Beach Boys – “Still Cruisin’” (lançado em 28 de agosto de 1989)

The Cult – “Sonic Temple”

The Cure – “Disintegration”

The Offspring – “The Offspring”

The Replacements – “Don’t Tell A Soul”

The Stone Roses – “The Stone Roses”

Titãs – “Õ Blésq Blom”

TNT – “Intuition”

Todd Rundgren – “Nearly Human”

Tom Petty – “Full Moon Fever”

Tora Tora – “Surprise Attack”

Toy Dolls – “Wakey Wakey”

Treat – “Organized Crime”

Trevor Rabin – “Can’t Look Away”

Ultraje A Rigor – “Crescendo”

Uriah Heep – “Raging Silence”

Vain – “No Respect”

Venom – “Prime Evil”

Viper – “Theatre of Fate”

Voivod – “Nothingface”

W.A.S.P. – “The Headless Children”

Warrant – “Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich”

White Lion – “Big Game”

White Zombie – “Make Them Die Slowly”

Whitecross – “Triumphant Return”

Whitesnake – “Slip Of The Tongue”

X Japan – “Blue Blood”


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